Saturday, December 08, 2007

My newest ornament

It's still Saturday so I can show you this after all. . . this is the cute snowman ornament I got at the Christmas exchange with my ladies church group. I was the last person to get to choose an ornament brought by others. I chose to steal this angel rather than get the one left. I am glad because I love snowmen!

If you click on it, the photo will be really big and clear.


Sandy Carlson said...

Beautiful ornament, Paulie!

RuneE said...

Nice! I loved his scarf. That could come in handy.

Katney said...

That is really cute.

Do you have snow yet? It is really coming down here and I am wondering if we will have school closure or delay tomorrow as we are in the "Banana Belt" and it is usually not as heavy here as up the valley.

When we get a little more I will make a snowman and take a picture and post it in my blog. It may not be a very big snowman.

Dana said...

I love ornament exchanges! and that one is adorable. Happy BYB Sunday!

Love Bears All Things said...

This is pretty. I think you chose well. Thanks for sharing.
Mama Bear

Katney said...

I was the last to choose at our gathering today. I pretended I would steal a cvouple of different ones--but mainly wanted to get a closer looka t them. Then I chose the last package. It is some small ornaments that will fit my classroom tree--which is sometimes my home tree as well.

The snow kind of fizzled out. What fell is still there, but not enought for a snowman--and now not the right consistency.

Kerri said...

I am a bit behind and need to catch up on your posts.

This snowman ornament is adorable!!!!