Thursday, March 30, 2006

Myrl . . .

I went to see my friend, Myrl today. . . I cried. Tears ran down my cheeks in silent rivers. It was hard to see her so helpless, she who had been "like a rock" and a second Mother to me since my own died long ago. I had never been to/visited anyone in the hospital in the 20 years since I moved here . . . until today.

Myrl had a stroke earlier this week and had fallen inside her home and was not discovered for hours. Her left foot has a cast because it was broken in several places. Her right arm is paralyzed. Although she can't speak any audible words, her eyes said myriads. I know she was happy I came to visit.

She will be there at least until Sunday. Someone said she might have to go to a nursing home. I hope not. She's a very independant lady! I wish there was something I could do for her. . . God placed her in my life when I needed help. Now it is my turn to reciprocate.

Her son, the Lutheran Pastor from California, was there when I came today. He reminded me how much his Mom loved the photograph album I made for her of my photos. He said he was going to bring it to the hospital so she could enjoy the photos again since she can't talk now. I hope they will bring her some happiness in these trials and that she will remember the good memories we had together even tho she can't speak about them outloud presently.

I am blessed to have had her touch my life and hopefully, I have touched hers too. I pray that she will continue to touch my life for years to come. She's one special lady.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A few random thoughts . . .

Tonight I am thinking about different paths each of us take. . . just found out that my good friend, Myrl, had a small stroke and fell and broke her foot. She is in the hospital now. I wish I had known earlier as I would have skipped going to Lenten soup supper and working in the church library before the services tonight SO I could go visit her. I do hope she knows that she is in my thoughts and prayers.

I've known this friend for 20 years as a church member but she touched my life in really special ways twice during periods when I was almost homeless due to different circumstances. I am so glad that God gave me that special time with her. Just went to visit her a couple weeks ago and instead of visiting for an hour, we must have chatted for 3-4 hours!

She is such a special lady and it is hard to believe that she is so helpless right now. I am supposed to go over to Oregon for a special church ladies meeting on Saturday but if there is something I can do for her instead. . . that will be my choice. I can send my banner design for the convention with the other ladies going. . . Myrl means more to me and always has.

I will go to work tomorrow and also go to the testing place to take some kind of computer test necessary for my job. Then I am heading for Myrl's . . . will have to find out if she is in the hospital still or at home. Feeling mighty helpless right now. Hope I can do something for her. Thank you, God for precious friends!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Learn something new every day

I really enjoy taking photos with my 4 year old digital camera. Sometimes I feel jealous of internet friends who have a more powerful one with more pixels AND additional lenses AND tripods but I like what this camera does for me. So, for now, I am content to use it. I have always taken photos with different cameras but with film developing, it can be costly. Digital cameras are the icing on the cake!

With SPRING in full session now, I am looking forward to getting more photos of flowers on my walks on the abundant trails we have here in Vancouver. Sometimes I don't know what the flower name is. . . today, on a Photography forum that I post on, a fellow photo buddy from England told me this is a Camellia. I was so grateful to find out.

Being connected to the internet has brought me many blessings and this is just one of them!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Anticipation . . .

Tomorrow is my first day of working at my new job at the public library and tonight, I feel like a kid in a candy shop or waiting for Santa to come on Christmas. The anticipation is "killing me!"

"Why," you ask?

Well, although I have many library skills and have used them while subbing in public schools in short and long term assignments, I have never worked under someone else and done support services. I hope I can be successful and that they will be glad they gave me the opportunity to work there.

It is only a temporary job. I know I will enjoy it and it will look good on my resume also. I wish it were full time. I could possibly entertain the thought of retiring as a teacher and selling all my Kindergarten things then. . .

BUT, do I really not want to teach anymore? I truly have to say I wish I could find another Kindergarten job. Guess we will just have to see what the future holds day by day.

Thanks to all my friends who prayed for me to interview well. . .most of all, thanks to God for providing me with this opportunity at a time when I was feeling my lowest and HE made me feel valuable again.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Places I have known . . .

Who would have thought I would end up in Washington? Certainly not me. . . but I had wondered about it when my twin moved here after high school graduation and a stint working in San Rafael, CA. Actually, she never lived in Vancouver. . . she worked as a Vice President of the telephone company in Bothell. That was a long time ago. The only time I had ever been to Washington was in high school when our SGA Boarder Girl's bus went over the Idaho State line to Clarkson, WA for a basketball game.

I was 40 when I graduated from college. . . and I wouldn't have graduated then if my advisor hadn't said, "Paulie, get out in the world and make some money and then return to college if you want to learn more." But that's another whole story that I won't write about now.

I chose Vancouver,Washington for two reasons . . . well maybe three. First of all, I found out in some big, thick college directory in the Education Department at Idaho State University that Vancouver had TWO school districts! Surely, with all those schools, I could get a teaching job easy enough. The second reason was purely selfish. I had friends who were moving to Portland, Oregon and I could move with them which would be a big help since I didn't drive. Only the Columbia River would separate us. The third reason I moved to Washington was because I read that the precipitation was HIGH! You see, I LOVE SNOW and growing up in southeastern Idaho "PRECIPITATION" meant snow. I honestly did not come here because it rained and rained and rained so much I thought I was on Noah's ark!

Much as I like Vancouver , Washington . . . if I could go back and live in upstate New York between the Adirondak and Catskill Mountains, I would.

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