Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas ships part 2

A few more Christmas ships. . .

Go here if you missed the first batch of Christmas ships:
Christmas ships


dot said...

How pretty! I bet that was as good as mardi gras.

Love Bears All Things said...

Were you able to walk down to the river. I always wanted to catch the ones on the Tennessee River. We saw them by accident one year. We don't live that close. Friday night I saw the bridge over the Mississippi was all lighted up. I don't know if it is like that all year or not. We don't get downtown at night much.
Mama Bear

Paulie said...

Oh yes! The photos were taken from the river's edge. The boats can't come too close to the edge of the water because the river is not as deep for boats there but they parade up one side of it and back down the other. This happens several times during the month of December.

Whether you are standing on the Portland side of the Columbia River or the Vancouver side, you get to see the ships from both views Lots of people go to restaurants and eat their meals and watch them while staying warm. I just bundle up.

The black backgrounds is because they don't sail until dark because they want the lights to show up. More and more boats have joined them since that one first lonely one long ago. The boat owners get no pay for doing it but do it for our enjoyment.

Lynette said...

Thanks so much for the CO HO boat! I didn't get to see it on our ride.