Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow again -- twice within a week!!!!!!!!!!!

I hardly dared to believe that we could get snow here again so soon after last Wednesday's snowfall but WE DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess it is time that I added some photos here huh? Earlier, I wanted to get the date saved for my blog but I was too busy playing in the snow, taking photos and just enjoying this gift God sent me during my birthday week.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Another birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I tried to post here last night but kept getting a "spinning ball" so gave up and went to bed. It was a long day. Now I am up early and the blog was working again so here I am.

Each year that I have my own class, I bring the "makings" for banana splits so each child can help me celebrate my birthday. The kids get to make many choices while deciding what ingredients they want for building theirs. They have a great time. I do too -- just watching them make choices. Hopefully, it will be something they remember years from now. I know I will. I like making memories for myself and others, especially the kids I teach.

It was a special birthday for me this year. I have been so sick, I didn't think I would live to see another one. (Hard to believe when just two years ago, I walked the whole Portland Marathon.) My preschoolers asked me how old I was. . . they knew I was a grandma. I told them "259" and they said "nooooooooooooo." So I said they were correct, I was really 125. They didn't believe that either so I finally said I was 39 and they thought that was good. Ü So, I reckon I will be 39 for them.

I have a new internet friend in Alabama who also stamps cards. We have been corresponding only a month but she sent me a bunch of goodies for stamping cards using some new card making techniques. I only hope I get some time to use them soon! It was surely a wonderful surprise.

I ordered some CDs from Banjophil, a teacher who is musically inclined. They came in time for my birthday also. I haven't listened to them all yet. Hope to put a few songs of his on my new iPod shuffle -- when I get it to work. Phil and his family are coming to WA state in May so maybe I will get to meet them if they have time.

My other long time internet friend in Connecticut sent me some special products I love from Bath and Body Works online (when I couldn't get the site to work for me). The local store has discontinued them so was very happy to receive the surprise package in the mail from her. Now, I have asked her if she will help me get more and I will reimburse her and she said she will so am happy to do so. Now I won't run out of my favorites. Ü

Last year Stacie gave me an Amazon gift certificate and it took me almost a whole year to decide what to get. I got Jeff Wignall's digital photography book and a SHUFFLE . . . well, I did pay the balance for the shuffle but might not have gotten around to buying one if I had not had the gift certificate to use. Now if I can only get it to work!

Going to go out to eat at Applebees sometime this weekend with friends here. Last night after work, I went to eat at Wendy's and had some of their great chili.

The best part of my birthday was another early present . . . SNOW! We got it on Wednesday and still have some on our lawns and in the higher elevations. We played in it first, at school and then, after work when I dropped my purse off at home and headed out for a walk to take photos.

I took quite a number of them but unfortunately there was a lot of glare because of the night lights. Will add soem later. It was fun walking around and I estimate it was around 4 miles. Then I came home and shoveled off my sidewalk and 8 neighbors' sidewalks too! I love to shovel snow. Then I tried to make a snowman but the snow had turned to powder, unlike when it first fell as a wet snow. BUT because of the first big snowfall we had this year, I got to celebrate my birthday a little early. Thanks to God who heard my prayers for snow!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

I want to cry. . .

Being so excited about receiving my iPod shuffle through UPS this week, I thought I would be using it by now. Not so. I charged it for the maximum hours. I plugged it into USB port it needed on iMac. It was turned "on." NOTHING!

I even shut down my computer and tried to do it in a different USB port. Yet, I do not get the screen that tells me to name it, muchless an icon that says it is there. sigh

Three differnt people tried to find solutions for me over the internet. I had done everything they suggested. This is a sad time for me. I even downloaded the iPod instruction manual. Don't know what to do.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Finally spent my Amazon.com gift card from last birthday

I don't buy things online . . . not much anyway. I did buy my scanner from AOL store a few years ago but then, they just charged my debit card like they do my monthly fee. THUS, when I was given a gift card for Amazon from a friend for 50 dollars, I was afraid to use it if I could not find exactly the total of the certificate. Now I am laughing at myself. OK so I just needed a bit of courage to take the step. Guess I got that courage from the impending expiration date of that gift certificate. . .

I knew that I wanted The Joy Of Digital Photography by Jeff Wignall but I didn't know what to spend the rest on. No matter what I looked at, I had to pay more than the certificate but at least there was no shipping charges. lol Hey! I will take any savings I can get.

I finally decided to go over the amount and get me an iPod shuffle too. Paying the balance with my debit card was painless. sigh

They both came today, delivered by UPS and left on my porch as I was at work. I am glad I live in a gated community! lol

Well, I opened it up and "touched" everything but my eyes are so bad I can't read the directions so I will wait until tomorrow and see if I can see any better even tho the weather is supposed to be cloudy with rain again. . . we got 4 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. (I am sick of rain.)

I ordered all of Banjophil's CDs for my birthday that is coming up soon and hope to put some of the tunes on my shuffle. . . I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW TINY IT IS! I have also been downloading some from iTunes . . . well I mean, I have been checking out what they have and so far NO PAT BOONE iTunes. . . sigh Found some other good 50's music tho.

I am so excited! I hope I can enjoy using it soon.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's raining . . . AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The calendar says January. . . thus, I am hoping for snow. Do we get snow? No.

Ok, so now I am resigned to this predicted dry day that will break January records and be recorded as a high of 53 for January 2, 2007

NOPE! We didn't get that either. . . it started out looking like it might happen . . .just before lunch it was still decent and we (my pre-schoolers) did not even bundle up when going outside to play. We come back to the classroom, eat lunch, get ready to take naps and it is pouring down rain.

Well, the powers that be have scheduled me to work a partial day today as it is the day after a holiday and not all the kids will be there. They were in for a surprise -- we had ten kids before lunch and my Asperger's student coming after school. OH OH. . . too many kdis without my aide. Did the center think about this? Nope. Many days I work full time and have 10-12 kids only. I have worked there the longest and yet I don't get all the hours I want. . . one would think that the teacher with the most seniority would get to choose to work a full day or not. sigh

So, to make this long story short, after work, I had to walk to the bus stop in pouring rain since I did not bring my umbrella. . . and then again from a bus stop, three blocks to my home. I was soaked. Now I am just a big grouch.

What would help me get out of this funk? SNOW would help. . .YOU listening, God?

Monday, January 01, 2007

A new year. . . what will it bring me?

Well, 2005 is gone forever except in memories. Another birthday is just around the corner. I wonder if I will make it. . . I don't have anything against aging but my body does lately.

Until this Fall, I felt like a 20 year old being able to do so many things. Just two years ago I walked the Portland Marathon and finished. I love walking on all our trails we have here in Vancouver. I can't remember the last time I got really sick but at least I knew what it was and it had an ending to "look forward to." Now, after 10,000 dollars of tests and emergency room bills, no one knows what my problem is. I have taken more meds the past three months than my entire life. My body feels like a drug store. Maybe this is my last year on earth.

While I am looking forward to getting to heaven, I was also looking forward to being able to enjoy some more time here in this earthly home. . . preferably with some snow. Are you listening, God?

I wonder if there will be snow in heaven? WOW! That is an awesome thought! I could go around and shovel everyone's sidewalks and never run out! I could make snowmen to my heart's content. I could build an igloo out of real snow not just milk jugs. Wow! Just the thought of all the photos I will be able to take. Hmmmmmmmm, of course it will be with a brand new Olympus camera because I can't take the old one with me! Ü

Heaven is sounding better and better. . . a new life, a new home and a new body PLUS a new digital camera and daily snow.

Wake up, Paulie --it's just a dream.