Sunday, April 27, 2008

Taking a break . . .

Maybe for a day or two or even three. . . I am not going to blog. I will try to catch up on visiting blogs from Sunday tho. Just too many things happening in my life right now. I will miss doing the meme's but my sanity comes first. Thanks for understanding.

Blog Your Blessings Sunday #26 and Camera Critters 3

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This waterfall, in a little park next door to my apartment reminds me of what a blessing it is to have water. Besides the aesthetic reasons, water is something we need to live. We take it for granted in countries where it is plentiful. Perhaps we need to step back and think of what a great gift God has given us. We need to enjoy His gift but not waste it.

Just in one day we have water for many things:

***to shower
***to enjoy my cup of cocoa, coffee or tea
***to have clean dishes to eat out of
***to wash my clothes
***to water my plants
***to clean my floors
***to cool my drinks with ice cubes
***to keep my cold food cold during transport to a potluck
***to use in recipes
***to water the grass to make it green
***to water my garden or flower bed
***to wsh the car
***to enjoy a glass of cold water on a hot day
***to boil my potatoes or macaroni or eggs
***to swim in or run through the hose

There's probably more ways to use water but these were all I could think of off the top of my head. Water is a blessing we often take for granted. I've been blessed with it all my life and can't begin to imagine what it is like in countries that have a drought. Even tho I hate when it rains because it isn't comfortable walking where I need to go in the rain, I can thank God for the rain He gives us to keep our reservoirs full. So, forgive me, Lord when I complain about yet another rainy day when I am blinded to the blessing.


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I caught this little hare running around our downtown park, hiding in the bushes. It had two companions but they were too fast for me to catch them all!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sky Watch Friday #23

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This was the sunset out my window recently! If you click on it, it will be spectacular!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Project Green 3

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Project GREEN 3

The needles are green. . .

Project Green

Project GREEN 1 and 2

If you want to play, go here: Anna has a Project GREEN going on now.

I thought I didn't have anything to contribute and then I remembered the new church they are building called Evergreen Bible Church. They even painted the new structure a beautiful light green. I also took another look and they do have three Evergreen trees on the lot.

IF you scan down just a teensy bit , you will also see the green hairpin lace neck scarf I made.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Year 2 -- #15

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"N" is for NINE NIFTY NEEDLES shaped in a NICE NUMERAL NINE. In case you don't enlarge it to see the writing better, there are 4 crochet needles, 3 counted cross stitch needles and 2 yarn needles.

I use the crochet needles and the the yarn needles when I make my hairpinlace NEEDLEWORK projects like this:

I use the blunt needles for counted cross stitch needlework projects like this:


"Save the Tulips" . . .

There is a new church being built near my 50 year old Lutheran church and where I catch the bus. The old landscape is being re-done and they have pulled out everything but these gorgeous tulips. They add a bit of beauty to the construction presently. I suppose they figure they will be finished blooming shortly and then they can replant in a new flower bed. . .

Just a side note. . . The church there was using an old building that used to be a very old 2 story school. They have been there for at least 20 years. They are called Evergreen Bible Church and I saw only one lonely Evergreen tree and nothing else but grass that was green on the property. I suppose when the school was built, they were out in the country with lots of Evergreen trees? I don't know since I moved here 22 years ago when there were no more trees and the building was not a church. They are also not located on Evergreen Avenue which is a parallel street about a mile south. The neat thing is their new church building is now painted a light green! Ü

Monday, April 21, 2008


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My Kindergarten class took the train in Portland to the Zoo. On the way home, while we waited for it for our return trip, we heard it coming up the tunnel and I got my camera ready. (The zoo elevators took us underground to catch the MAX.)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blog Your Blessings Sunday #25 and Camera Critters 2

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CLICK on photo to see nature's beauty

Today, the weather forecast was for snow down to sea level. I looked and looked for it. We had hail a couple times . . . finally tonight around 5:30, it started snowing. I was riding the bus on my way home. There was not enought to cover the streets but there were areas of curbsides and grass that got white for a few minutes. They are forecasting more for us from midnight to early morning hours and maybe even some for Monday! We will see. . .

I know cities north of Seattle got 7 inches of snow by noon. It was so beautiful on the news but I worried for the tulips that are blooming so profusely now. I didn't hear what the final snow count was in inches there but it made the national news.

OK, so what does this have to do with my blessing I am focusing on today? Well, if you enlarged the photo you would see it! I am counting my blessings this week in the beauty that nature provides no matter what the weather. AND what's it like in "your neck of the woods?"


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This little squirrel looks like it has its hands folded in prayer to say a blessing before eating his next meal. . .

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sky Watch Friday #22

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These are some different sky views through the iron structure on the Confluence trail. To read more about this project in Vancouver, WA, go here.

See that sun shining through the iron bars?

Looking through iron rod canopies that are on the Confluence walking and bike trail over Hiway 14, alongside the train tracks and into Fort Vancovuer.. Clouds moving in on a beautiful day and warning that the rain storm is coming.

For more information and photos of this Confluence Project see Thursday's post and more will be coming on Saturday. I also wrote about it in March -- see link on yesterday's post.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My First Walk Across the CONFLUENCE PROJECT (land bridge)

All these photos can be enlarged by CLICKING on them.

Today I decided to investigate the Confluence Project from the Old Apple Tree Park side. (I had tried to find the entrance from the Fort Vancouver side earlier this week to no avail.) I walked under the railroad trestle and into the park site. There was the OLD APPLE TREE . . . in glorious bloom!

I was so excited to finally take my first walk across the bridge. It was perfectly landscaped with plants and trees that were native to the area at the time of the beginnings of Fort Vancouver, later to become Vancouver USA. Each side was properly fenced in because the railroad was beside part of it and Highway 14 went under the bridge. These photos will show you mostly the walking areas as I meandered up and over and across the bridge built for pedestrians. Other people walked in front of me, cars sped past under me and as luck would have it, an Amtrack train passed me before my journey across was over.

To the right of the apple tree was the beginning of the walking bridge. A posted notice said that it would be completed in warmer weather, sometime this summer but one could walk over the bridge now if one chose to do so. I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beginning. . .

I begin my walk on land, heading towards a "gate" that is opened.

Not sure just when this gate will be closed -- maybe during winter snows?

The path starts to curve. . . not sure what the black metal canopy is -- perhaps we are beginning to cross the Highway 14 and it is there to prevent "jumpers?" I don't know yet. . . for sure. Maybe something to do with the historical art displayed on the wall? We will just have to wait and see.

The iron canopy is on the other side now so will have to find out just what it is.

Looking back from where I came. . .

Different angle to get shot of a bench for my other blog "For the love of benches."

You might have to click on this one to see the TRAIN! It came so fast, I had no time to adjust light or anything but you can see the engine of AMTRACK IF you click on photo.

A circular canopy coming up.

Closer view of the circular canopy.

This circular canopy area is called "RIVER."

I turn around and take a photo of the I-5 bridge over the Columbia River.

Many boats were on the river -- probably because the Salmon fishing season has been cut short this year.

The bridge continues with patterned area. I am not sure why part has this pattern to walk on and part is jsut concrete. I will ahve to find out.

Coming to the other circular ironwork -- this one is called LAND.

The trail is bending towards Fort Vancouver and is almost over Hiway 14.

Looking over the railing, I can see Hiway 14.

Looking back at the circular canopy.

A closer view of the circular canopy. . .

A sky view of the canopy. . .

I can see the gate at the other end.

Looking back from the ending iron gate near Fort Vancouver.

The end of the Confluence near Fort Vancouver.

I also enjoyed the signs about the native plants; the photography artwork about our history and the sculptures telling about the bridge between the land and the waterfront.

Walking across the bridge, there were areas that featured LAND and areas that featured WATER -- in art sculptures .

The sign at the beginning promised more was to come before the project was completed this summer so I shall write about it once more LATER. (Tonight the news said it is going to snow at 500 feet tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) If you missed my first posting about this land bridge, you can read up on it earlier blog

I will post a few more photos Saturday. . .

It was amazing and I can hardly wait to walk it again!