Monday, April 30, 2007

A few rambling thoughts. . .

I am so tired from moving. . . No, I haven't moved out of my duplex. . . just from a small storage unit to a bigger one. Thank goodness they were about 20 feet apart! The nice lady at the office even offered to help me move 4 bigger things. Thank goodness! I will get rid of a few big thing in another week or so when a new K teacher comes for my library stands and a shelf unit. I also re-located something I am giving granddaughter who is going to teach grades 4,5 6 in a Lutheran School. She will have 16 students. I already gave her 12 big boxes of good stuff.

During the first two weeks of May, I hope to haul most of my stuff to storage in case I can't find a place to live. I have now stacked it so I know what is where in case I need something. I sure do hurt tho and can hardly wait until I take my shower tonight, a nice long one.

My friend's Mom had a stroke and can't use the note cards I was making for her to give her Mom. I guess I will give them to a friend who helped me when I really needed it.

My daughter in law's parents own a vacuum and sewing machine repair shop. They have offered to fix my vacuum free. I am so happy about that. I hope it is fixable.

I still haven't found affordable housing to move to and I am giving notice for here tomorrow for the end of the month. I can't afford it any longer.

One nice thing about today. . . it didn't rain as news predicted. That made the moving job possible.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Been awhile. . .

I found a neat site by way of another blogger, jennymcb. I really enjoy going there and experimenting. But the first photo I tried to use for image mosaic was very unusual. At first I thought they had altered my pink tulip photo because to the left of the flower there appeared a MAN IN A BOWLER HAT.

This is the original:

This is the mosaic they made out of my photo. CAN YOU SEE THE MAN IN THE BOWLER HAT THAT I DID NOT SEE BEFORE IN THE ORIGINAL PHOTO? Now that I look at the original, I can see it there also.

This is the mosaic:

Do you see the man in the bowler hat on the left? It is just the bedding of the garden where I took the photo. Crazy huh? I never noticed it with original photo before the mosaic and now I can see it clearly.