Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas moon/winter moon

I was on my way to church for the 10:00 PM Christmas service and was waiting at the bus stop when I glanced up and saw the new moon. It was beautiful! I thought, "What a great light to shine for Jesus on His birthday!" I guess those wise men wouldn't have any trouble seeing their way if they had a full moon like this. . . Ü

I wasn't sure how the photos would come out so I took these with flash

and this one without.

BIG difference!


Katney said...

I am amazed that with the flash you did not get any more detail than without. The flash adjusts the speed of the lens. It certainly didn't light up old man moon's face any more than it did without.

The moon is still up and as I got up this clear morning (good for us who are traveling--may not mean snow for you) I thought of taking a picture or two. I haven't been ready to go out in the cold yet, though.

A Merry Christmas to you, Paulie. Enjoy your day, your visit with your friends, your puzzles, your walk, and the weather whatever it might be. (And you can have snow as long as it doesn't sneak up to the passes.)

Paulie said...

You don't think so? Gosh, the first two had details and the last one (without flash) has none and a blur/shadow around the circumference. . . all around the edge!

After saying snow all week, the weatherman now sys just flurries mixed with rain. . . :o(

dot said...

Merry Christmas Paulie!
I think the full moon this month was much more brilliant than usual. Your pictures came out really good. I don't have much luck with the moon.

Sandy Carlson said...

What a lovely light, indeed. After so many dark days, I was happy to wake up Christmas Eve morning at 5 a.m. and look out the window to see shadows cast by the moon. So beautiful! Merry Christmas. God bless.

Katney said...

Okay--I had it backwards. I thought the first two were without flash and the last one with. I sure don't know, because you know for a fact that the flash is not reaching to the moon. I think it may be the speed then--and I am not nearly so surprised as I was when I was confused--LOL.

Kerri said...

Oh Paulie, those shots of the Moon are Wonderful!!

I definitely can see more detail in the ones with the flash.

dot said...

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful card you sent. I got very few sent out this year due to illness. I didn't do but about half of the decorating I usually do, and only got one batch of cookies made. Am doing much better, but it was a nasty virus. I went back to work too soon and relapsed the last day before Christmas break. I am pretty much over all but the sore throat and tiredness now.

Anyway, thanks so much for thinking of me.