Thursday, January 31, 2008

Want to visit my city?

I just moved to my own city! It is quite small so far with jt me there BUT I started out in the right direction building a library first. I have my priorities straight! Ü Come and visit and leave a message and my town will grow, bit by bit. Making sure my library has all the books written by Diana Mott Davidson -- you know the culinary mysteries, set in Colorado where there is snow in many of the stories. . . Ü


I found this site by visitng my friend, jennyMcB over at Blog ValleyDrop her a line on Blog Valley site and help her town to grow also.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ABC Wednesday Year 2 -post #2

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I couldn't choose this week so you get them all. . . Ü

This is a BROKEN BENCH on the BURNT BRIDGE Creek trail.

This BENCH is also on the BURNT BRIGE Creek Trail.

This is my only "older" photo -- taken last year in January after a snowfall. it is our BELL tower in Esther Short Park.

This is the Housing Authority BUILDING from where I got the art work last week.

This BARBED wire is on a fence for security.

I spotted this BIRD house on my trek to find snow this week. It is attached to the BARK of a tree and made with BOARDS..

This is the BARGE where the guns are fired to scare the BIRDS off the BRIDGE.

This is the BRIDGE where the BIRDS love to hang out. See the BIRDS flying away?

This is where the BIRDS fly to when the guns go off scaring them off the BRIDGE.

This is a BOAT in the snow. . .

These red BERRIES are on a BUSH just outside our apartment BUILDING entrance. I have no idea what they are.

Last but not least is this tree with no BARK.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back with a few more. . .

Ok, so I have posted twice about my walk in the snow and this one should be the last if blogger will allow me to get them online without too much trouble. . .BUT the weather report is that more snow is coming tonight. . . guess who isn't going to bed tonight again?????? I hope to walk some different areas to take more photos of snow IF it really does show up.

More snow photos. . .

Took these on my walk along Burnt Bridge Creek walking trail. . .

This one taken in the dark with a flash just after 3:00 AM. The leaves were really red but was surprised to see leaves at all. I don't know what kind of plant it is tho so maybe they don't drop.

Snow at last. . .

Not much and most was melted 12 hours later but. . . I had a fun day taking photo and shoveling snow off driveways but no snowman!

This is a holly tree over at The Academy grounds. . .

More to come in another post. . .

Sunday, January 27, 2008

More hairpin lace crochet scarves

It snowed and there is a little on the ground near me so I will be traveling around the city today to find more snow. I got a few photos at 3:00 AM and it snowed a bit while I was walking around. . . NOW I have to find more since that is all we got this close to the Columbia River which is near sea level. Going to travel by bus to other parts of town to find the deeper snow. Finally snow on the ground near me. . . I know that some think I am nuts but I LOVE SNOW!

Our church group crocheted and knitted red scarves for college students that are orphans or foster kids. I understand it is a project all over the US and people everywhere participate. Our little group made 37 -- I made 5. We had three weeks to do it. I used a variety of red yarns to make these.

This shows the pattern of the latest scarf I made. I have to finish up the ends yet.

This is a new type of yarn I am experimenting with. It is very soft and bulky too. I think I am going to like it!

Blog Your Blessings Sunday #16

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Sometimes, especially in winter, when days are short and darkness steals the light, I forget to be thankful. I know God gave us each heavenly body to bring warmth to the earth and to light the night sky (Genesis) and that is a wondrous gift in itself. We've encumbered many dreary days this month so I was totally shocked when BLUE SKIES appeared this week for one solitary day. The color was so beautiful, so awesome for a freezing winter day where the water fountains had frozen and the top of the pond was nothing but a shell of ice.

It was barely 19 degrees when I went out, trusting in the blue of the skies to get me through the day so I could go places I needed to be that day. I took the sky bridge from our apartment building to Anthem Park next door and that is where I passed the ice on the fountains and pond before catching the bus. Seeing it, I almost gave up on my needed journey that day and returned home instead of to the bus stop another block away.

Even though I was dressed warmly, the air was brisk but the blue skies. that followed me everywhere I traveled, kept placating my wandering mind with warmth. I told myself to get a photo to remind me that all my days are not dreary and so I did. There was not a cloud to be seen. What a blessing! I told myself that it is silly to just take a photo of a blue expanse so as I was standing at the bus stop waiting to be chauffeured home with my bags of groceries, I spotted this bare tree, just begging to be in one of my photos. Ü I was too close to it to get the entire tree AND the blue sky which was the point of taking the photo so I decided on a close up of the top of the tree touching that almost forgotten color this winter. . .

Yes, blue skies on a winter day is indeed a blessing! Winter skies showed themselves again and possibly the snow I have been praying and hoping for all winter will arrive later today. It would be another blessing for me!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Baby, it's cold outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walking through Anthem Park this week, I saw what the results of our freezing temperatures had on the water fountain and the connecting ponds. It looked beautiful to me! (Click on the photos if you want to see a larger view.)

Ice at the fountain.

Ice crystals. . .

Icicles hanging off the fountain benches. . .

Crystal ice ball. . .

Close up of chunky ice crystals.

Clusters of ice crystals.

Close up of big ice crystals.

Ice crystals in the pond.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday Sky Watch #12

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January Full Moon

Peek a boo!

Here I am!

Just resting . ..

This is a good hiding place!

This spot was made for me!

I see a nice branch to rest upon!

I'll be back next month!