Friday, November 30, 2007

Sky Watch Friday #4

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I went for a walk after almost two days of non-stop rain and the sky was starting to clear. It's amazing what beauty the clouds demonstrate --the last one shows the beginning of a sunset. All were taken during a period of 4 hours the same afternoon.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

It worked after trying all day. . .

I may die of shock -- the photos loaded. . . might have to use these for Friday Sky Watch. We will see.

The two sunset ones were ones I took just before 4:30 PM --I wanted to take more but the batteries died and the spare ones in my bag, I had forgotten to recharge. I was also on my way to a stampin' store to do some free activities.

The final photo is of a rose, still blooming -- I guess it doesn't realize it is Fall and will be snowing Saturday here in the valley!

Hoping . . . well, 2 is better than none

Well, a miracle just happened and I uploaded a photo I didn't think would happen because the rays from the little triangle were not going round BUT it uploaded so I am now trying to make a post I tried to two days ago. The day before had been very dark and dreary and I could not stand staying in the house again so I went out for a walk in the rain with my camera! Well, it was noon and the rain had sorts stopped except for a little drizzle and some clouds were moving out and big, puffy ones were coming in AND IT MADE ME FEEL A WHOLE LOT BETTER!

Well, I had hoped to put on 7 photos but two is better than nothing.

Looks like I am finished with blogging for now

Well, I successfully got a photo on here with my laptop but now I can't even get a screen to show on the laptop so can't use that until BLOGGER fixes things. Guess I won't be able to write everyday in November after all. I did write my report to BLOGGER problems.

I just don't know what happened.

Well, yes, I do . . . a miracle!

I tried one more time and the photo thingie did not turn around but I left it anyway and there is my photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to publish this before it disappears.

D ***

I guess there is something the matter with my iMac. I am so mad. The laptop doesn't have all those darn icons for all that html when I want to post. I wonder if I moved the settings somehow? Surely my iMac isn't the problem? I am using the block that says Edit html  and not Compose where there are a myriad of settings. sigh

One more try from laptop

Just another test before I leave laptop and go back to iMac. . .

Trying again on my laptop

Well, I got so disgusted with my non-functioning blog that I went to bed very early last night. I probably missed any snow we might have had mixed with rain. . . sigh

I tried making a new blog, "Postcardsfrompaulie2" and I couldn'tpost any photos in a blog posting but could add large photos using the element. Then I decided to transfer my favorite links to that blog and they would not transfer for soem reason. I got them all in the edit box and clicked on each and each one went to the proper url spot so that wasn't the problem. I never figured it out. I couldn't find anything else to do to get them to post. I gave up.

I tried again to post a photo to my first blog and it jsut stops in mid air so to speak. I am so frustrated. I recently updated my software on that iMac so thought maybe that was a problem so here I am on my laptop. We will see. OK here goes. . . postcards without a photo are boring. Well, it worked! I had to use an old photo because all my recent photos are on my iMac, not my iBook. Don't comment on this blog because I will erase it if blogger is now working. Going back to the iMac to try again.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nothing works. . .

I even set up a whole new blog.  Got two photos on it -- one in the header and one below but not in a post.  Tried here again and the  icon just stops running/loading.  sigh  No postcard with photos!

Trying again . . .

9:19 and Blogger still isn't working and I can't find any place to report that it won't upload a photo.  The circular motion of the uploader just stops before it even does a 360.  sigh 


Thanks for the encouragement, friends, but the stupid blog still won't upload a photo for me.  It is another one of those rainy, gloomy miserable days and blogging usually helps take my mind off the weather.  I am so disappointed that I can't share the neat photos I got yesterday on my walk.  

What good is a blog if you can't use it?

Since last night, I have been trying to post some photos.  There are all these new gadgets but  it won't let me post a photo along with the words I write.  Maybe this is the end of my blogging days?  I mean postcards are supposed to have pictures!   I even accidently deleted the part I had written and a blogger had commented on.  I didn't mean to.  I just don't know how to get this to work any more.  sigh

Don't leave comments as they will probably get deleted also.  :o(

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dreary day here. . .

I don't think I can stand the darkness of fall/winter. I even went back to bed Monday morning because it was so dark and dreary out my picture windows. I need sun and light and a little snow on the ground would help. . . I can put up with the cold but not the dreary look of this time of year.

Monday, November 26, 2007


I saw this scene from my window and although the photo is taken through the glass window pane, I love the colors of the wispy clouds.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blog Your Blessing Sunday #7

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Now why would I put a photo of a tree on here and call it my blessing?

Well, see that tall building to the side of the White Pine? I live there on the 8th floor and those are my 3 windows to the right. This wing was built after the rest of the building so it looks like it is a small place where my apartment is located but in reality, there are 150 apartments here and this is only a small portion of the building.

Back to the blessing and this tree. . . the view I have outside this window is fantastic! (Ecclesiastes 3:11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”)

I can see houses and trees and roads in the background -- even the traffic light on a street the next block over but the first thing I see when I look out is this wonderful tree, full of cones and swaying gently in the wind. The three and a half months I have lived here, it has been there to welcome me each day.

I eagerly await my first sighting of a snowfall on this tree from my 8th story front row seat!. At the bus stop Saturday, it started snowing but melted fast before it could hit the ground -- I saw it on my outstretched hand!

Job 37:5,6 “God thunders marvelously with His voice: He does great things which we cannot comprehend. For He says to the snow, “Be on the earth.”

Friday Walk To Fruit Valley Road and Back

Walking west, it was a beautiful sunset but too many power lines interfering with good photos.

On the other hand, returning home, the moon put on a show for me!

Friday, November 23, 2007

From Sunset to . . .

Captured these all on a walk to Myrl's home Wednesday afternoon and coming home in early evening

Sky Watch Friday #3

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I caught the moon "posing" when I went for a walk this week after it finally stopped raining.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cascades snow . . .

I was walking down a road towards Myrl's home, hoping the new bus would come along, when I spotted this view to the east. . . this is a part of the Cascades Mountain Range and they have snow already too! Can it be far off for us in the valley? It was so cold today with the wind rushing in from the Gorge, I felt cold enough for it to snow! Ü I have heard rumors that we will get more snow in the valley this winter and I am looking forward to it. This photos was taken at sunset since the sun goes down around 4:00 PM nowadays so that is the coloring you see in the eastern sky.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuesday night's sunset . . .

i was so excited that today it did not rain and i could go for another walk in this part of town that I have never explored before. I decided to go for about an hour or so to the west of where I live and as I was walking, the sun was going down. Since I didn't know where my trek would lead me, I figured I better take some photos of the sun setting while I could and this is what I ended up with. On the way back home, i got some of the 3/4 moon but saving those for Friday's Skywatch. . .

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One more -- SEASONS. . . and another, Horsechestnut leaves

This is a collage of seasons. . .best viewed by clicking on it and enlarging.

I talked to a man who was remodeling a home and making it into 4 one bedroom apartments. He said his project is almost finished. It looked like a very nice brick home to me -- he said each tenant would have storage in the basement also. But more important, he told me the leaves on the ground were from the horsechestnut tree on the side of his house. I love the jagged edges. Autumn has been a delight for me this year living in uptown.

Experimenting . . .

If this photo loads, it will show 4 views from the overpass bridge over I-205 on the Padden Parkway. I walked over it on a recent walk and didn't know how to display the photos until I kept seeing photos that were stacked like this so thought I would try it too. I like it! it still shows the three more "cluttered" views but does not distort the original background one. Click on photo to enlarge and see the smaller ones better.

Monday, November 19, 2007

One more hairpin lace crochet scarf ready to go

I fell in love with this variegated blue and purple yarn but there was only a small amount and no way enough for a whole scarf. (We are using donated yarn so can't be choosey.)

Thus, I made two white strips to go on the inside and I love how it turned out. I also made three inch wide strips which are more loose than the ones I made previously.

Still working on the afghan for a child's bed, two cape shawls and a crocheted dishcloth. One day! Ü

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blog Your Blessings Sunday #6

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CLICK on photo to see the details to understand my connection to my blessing for this week. (My focus is the web and not the rocks.)

With our national holiday of Thanksgiving coming this week, I decided to focus especially on one thing that is a blessing in my life to be thankful for at this time.

Unlike this messy spider web that reminds me of chaos, God gives me order in my life. He set the example for us to strive for when he created the world with order. He focused on certain things each day to create although He could have done it all on "one day" because He is God. "AND He saw that it was good." (Genesis 2: 1- 31)

I know as surely as the sun rose this morning, it will set tonight. I know that today is Sunday and the day after will always be Monday. I know if I try hard, I will succeed. I know that a blossom will turn into a flower. I know I can ask and God will answer my prayers in His way and in His time. Chaos comes when I don't put my trust in God Who is the originator of order. With His help, I can strive towards order in my life. WHAT A BLESSING!

Whether you live in America and celebrate this holiday or not, I wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving in your heart! We can all have something to be thankful for and the gift of order is just one of them.

The beauty of simple things. . .

I don't know what possessed me to take a photo of a partial branch of a White Pine tree but it just drew me to it. I don't know how to explain the interest I find in it. Maybe it is the long needles? Maybe it is the sharpness of each needle? Maybe it is the distinctive placement of each needle? Maybe it is a combination? I don't know for sure. . . I just know that God sure is a great artist and what a joy it is to share His wonderful world.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sky Watch Friday #2

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This first photo is in honor of Veterans Day this past week. It was taken while at the Veterans Day Parade waiting for the floats and entrants to reach us. This small plane from Pearson Airpark circled the parade route in salute to our Vets. Click on it to enlarge photo and see the plane better. What a beautiful blue sky we had that day! It makes me wonder if God gave us that in recognition for our Veterans. . .

The second photo is from the following day. It was the beginning of what is to be a series of rain storms predicted for us this week and next.