Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More cards -- what else? Ü

I usually put my cards on another blog that I have at Yahoo but I have been neglecting it for awhile now. Even tho I take photos of all the cards I make, I didn't post them.

I have nothing to put on this blog for today so here's a few more of the cards I made recently. I made 16 more cards today but I doubt if I will have time to upload them so these 5 will have to do for today. I sure am making a mess in my living room where my desk is working on cards but I have promised myself to not worry about cleaning up until I am finished with Christmas cards. That may be two days from now since I am planning on doing some grocery shopping, delivering cards to church friends and try to finish cross stitching a Christmas gift--doing all that today!

Well, I have tried all night to load just 5 different cards and blogger just won't do it -- I give up.

Hurray! Hurray! I finally got them up.


dot said...

I love your cards!

Love Bears All Things said...

I'm sorry about you having blogger trouble. I thought I'd had enough for both of us. Honestly, it is a good thing I didn't have anyone needing me here at home because I stayed on for hours just to do that post. It was 8:00 before I ate dinner and 10:00 when I went to bed but I stayed awake for hours after that. Too much input.
I have my grocery shopping done. They didn't have the tenderloin I wanted.
J's in Michigan again, won't be home until Thursday late. I hope he doesn't get caught in bad weather. We'll be going back to Alabama on Saturday. But I'll have my computer with me.
Mama Bear

Andrea said...

Your cards are so nice.

Mike said...

Wow. You are so good to make your own. They're lovely.
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