Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas celebrations. . .

Our ladies group is having a Progressive Dinner Saturday afternoon/evening. . I have no idea what we will have for appetizers or the main dish but we are having cake (made by another lady) and stained glass candy at the dessert portion which I am hosting. I also have water/cocoa and hot tea for drinks. We will sing Christmas carols and also have an ornament exchange.
I made two plates of these stained glass candies for my part besides hosting the dessert time, caroling and Christmas ornament exchange..

Before that, our church is celebrating the life of a very special lady at a funeral service at our church with a dinner reception afterwards. Lots of people will be there so I made an Ambrosia salad but doubled the recipe. Geri gets to celebrate her first Christmas in heaven!

On Sunday we are having a Cookie Walk at church with the proceeds going to the Knitters and Quilters Groups. They are sold for $3.00 a dozen and people get to walk around with a plate to mix and match their 12 choices.) I made lots of sugar cookies and frosted each one too. I hope I can get the salad and the cookies on the bus tomorrow. . .

I stayed up late Friday night so I could finish cleaning my little apartment in case anyone wants to stop by to see my tree. I live on the 8th floor but the party will be on the 9th floor in the community activities room.

Next week, I have to finish making Christmas cards; finish making a surprise for a friend; will make fudge and popcorn balls for myself and might even buy a roast for Christmas dinner coming up. There's a great recipe for a chuck roast that I got from the Idaho Beef Council when I lived in Idaho -- you use a roasting bag, place the roast inside it and 1 can of cola and a small bottle of catsup. (I'll have to buy some as I never eat catsup otherwise.) It sounds weird but it makes the most tender, great tasting roast from an otherwise poor cut of meat! It practically falls apart! Some mashed potatoes and gravy and maybe some candied yams would be good with it. Or some corn on the cob. . . we will see.

I am hoping to go to services on Christmas Eve near me this year at a church I used to belong to when I first moved to WA state. Jesus has the best birthday celebrations! No one comes to celebrate Christmas with me so I will entertain myself with food, Christmas carols and my computer . . . and hopefully a long walk, preferably in the snow. . . wishful thinking!

I turned on my Christmas lights for the first time yesteray. it was so pretty!


dot said...

Paulie, you are so busy and your activities sound like great fun. I love the idea of that cookie walk and your cookies are beautiful!
Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Kerri said...

You sound busy as a bee! But oh it sounds like LOTs of fun!!
Your cookies look beautiful...and I bet they are delicious!

Love Bears All Things said...

You have been so-o busy. I was just thinking that I might hurry over and have a cuppa and a cookie. All of your plans sound wonderful.
Mama Bear

Jenny McB said...

Paulie- My favorite Christmas dessert, the stain glass cookies.
You have been busy, hope you had a fun evening.

CyberCelt said...

What a spirit-filled person you are, Paulie. You spread joy with your cookies, candies and hospitality. Have a blessed Christmas.