Monday, December 25, 2006

My dear friend Myrl. . .

It has been a long time since I visited with her. . . I stopped going when I got sick and was on so much medication. I didn't trust myself to walk that far after she "moved home." Her kids did a reverse mortgage on her home so she could have a full time nurse live with her.

Anyway, I surprised myself today that I could walk all the way over there in 40 minutes (She doesn't live on a bus route.) For once, it wasn't raining. I AM SO SICK OF RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Myrl woke up for a minute or two but almost didn't recognize me as I had pulled my hair up on my head in a clip and I look different when I do that. I talked to her and said "Merry Christmas" and promised to return soon. I wish she could talk. . . she was always such good company with her stories of growing up and and all her trips and relatives.

It was kinda melancholy to go to Myrl's home again. . . it was my home for awhile too since she took me in when I was out of work. I made those nativity snowmen at her house after I shoveled the driveway two years ago. . . that was one beautiful snowstorm. . . I got three elderly friends' driveways and sidewalks shoveled before i headed back to Myrl's to build my snowmen. Then the ice storm hit and we lost electricity, school got cancelled for a day and we were stuck in the house for days because everything was pure ice. . . but o so white and beautiful!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Double Duty Dustpans

The poem that follows is on the tag attached to my special cookies I made as Christmas gifts for my Pastor and his wife and the Bell Choir director this year. I heard about this idea on the internet and it was unique and perfect for gift giving. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did thinking about giving it.

While baking you some cookies,
there was knocking at the door.
As I jumped up to answer it,
the pan fell to the floor.

I stood among the cookie crumbs
and wondered what to do.
The day was late, the time was short,
I had no gift for you.

I bent and swept the cookies up
into a small dustpan.
A friend like you, I told myself,
would surely understand.

The gifts that matter most in life
are those the heart does send.
With that in mind, I give to you
these cookies from a friend.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dream Snow. . .

It was Friday and I had skipped lunch at work to help a few children work on their Christmas presents for parents during their nap time. The ones that needed to finish never napped anyway so I felt like we were bing productive. It had rained in the morning but the sun had tried to peek out for awhile during the time my TA left for lunch.

Anyway, to get back to the snow. SNOW? Well, yes, there it is in the title. . .

My TA had returned but I was doing a working lunch and was helping a student with their handprint ornament details. All of a sudden, it got very dark. I mean, the room had the lights off and we were working in a corner of the room near a window with blinds partially opened. Then I heard a noise. " OK, that's it!" I said, and we put the ornment down safely and I went to investigate at a different window ner our entrance.

IT WAS SNOWING hard pellets of ice. I was wearing just socks on my feet as we hve our class in a historical building with wood flooring. I stepped outside anyway. YES! It was blowing hard and the snow was actually covering cars and roofs but not staying on the pavement. I didn't know how long it was going to last. . . knowing how much my class kids loved snow, just like me, I walked around the classroom and grabbed every child that was not sleeping and took them out to the foyer to see it. Then I hollered for my TA to wake the rest up because they were going to miss the snow if they slept the last 45 minutes. She did and they sleepily appeared in the foyer where it was floor to ceiling windows and they could see the snow falling.

I'm not sure who enjoyed it the most. We sat there 15 minutes seeing this wondrous sight. The last time it snowed here this school year, we got NONE at school but they had surprises for them when they got home as it did elsewhere in the city. Then, it stopped so we all went back to our cots and I worked with a few more kids and got their ornaments finished. I hope the parents will enjoy the handprint snowmen as much as we do.

The snow disappeared by time as we got up from naptime and had our snack and went out to play. If we ever get enough snow there to play in, we are going out even if we are in the middle of something else.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Snowmen I have known. . .

The above are a few of the snowmen my 4 year old preschool kids painted. It was difficult for them to paint a white body on white paper even tho I had tinted the white paint with blue. You can see that they don't yet have extensive experience making snowmen in their young lives. I still think they are adorable. My favorite is the one with the green background!

After we read a few more snowmen books, I will have them paint new ones on blue construction paper. Hope to see lots of details. We will do lots of activities related to snow next month.

My wish for them would be to get to build snwomen at school. . . maybe this is the year we will get a good snwofall and be able to accomplish this?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas is coming. . . .

Making this wreath on Saturday helped me to realize I would miss my Christmas tree if I did not put it back up -- after taking it down last week because I felt depressed. So, today, I dug out the sections of the tree and assembled it again. Now, getting all those lights on it will be my next job. Then, I have to unpack the big storage container of ornaments I hand wrapped last week. . . I didn't think I could leave them put away for long.

I purchased the three metal word ornaments from a Christmas shop called "Holly and Ivy" last month. Well, actually, I got 4 "word ornaments" but somehow I have misplaced the "LOVE" one. Maybe it is wrapped up in paper toweling and in the tub of ornaments. I don't know. I am a champion in losing/misplacing things. Always have been! Why should this year be any different?

When I make my wreath at church with our ladies group, I have never --in 20 years -- used anything but pine branches. . . THIS year, I decided to try three different kinds of greens and I like it. I wish I had a couple more blue and silver ornaments to put on the wreath but I used them up for some project years ago so 4 will have to make do.

Maybe Monday after work I will put the lights on my tree and Tuesday, the hundreds of ornaments will adorn it once again. We will see. I love having my tree up all year. I love the positivity that coems from seeing it daily. It makes my day!

My DIL is unhappy that I can't come to their house for Christmas Eve because I have a committment to play hand bells at church for the Christmas Eve service and only have Christmas Day off from work. (With working at a daycare, you don't get days off like at a school.) She should have invited me sooner, before I made other plans.

Sooooooo, puting my tree up all year helps to ease the sadness when i m alone for the holiday once again. I wish I had news from oldest son in Afghanistan. I wish I had located my daughter. I wish I had a good paying teaching job. BUT . . . no news is good news. I know my daughter is capable of taking care of herself. I love teaching my preschoolers even if I don't get paid what I am worth.

I think I will teach them to sing "O Tannenbaum" during my German lessons. . .

I don't have to wait for December 25th for Christmas. . . it's always here in my heart!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

"Things like to hide from me" or "I am getting old. . . "

I have been "looking" for my bell choir book for about 6 months now. . . you see, we didn't have bell choir after Christmas last year because the director was finishing up her Master's degree and teaching Kindergarten, besides being a busy Mother of two college graduatesand two in high school. . . sooooooooooooo I took my book home, planning to practice with another member during the hiatus. Well, I got this job and have been sick and one excuse after another. . .

Today, I was sitting at the computer and spotted something that looked familiar at the end of my couch. Good grief! The bell choir book was right there all along. We play on Sunday so am happy that I have the old book back! Guess I need to clean more often?

OK, that isn't the only thing that has gone missing over the months. . .

I had put my media card in the usb photo thingie on my computer and downlaoded/uploaded the photos. The next morning, I saw it still there and took it out BUT I could not see where I had placed my camera the night before. . . so I guess I set the media card down somewhere. . . finally found the camera and then I lost the media card. Now that wouldn't be so bad IF I knew where my little "purse" of 5 other media cards were. I usually carry it with me in a bag -- hate purses -- but had emptied the bag one day when I was doing something that I did nto need all the extras I usually carry. NOW, where did I put that? Still haven't found it.

I really wanted some photos of my class during the Thanksgiving celebration. Thus, last Sunday, after church, I braved the torrid rainstorm and took two buses across the river to Oregon to a shopping center where I bought the camera 5 years ago. That is where I bought my additional medi cards also. I had a hard time finding the usual rack for them and then found out that they don't produce my type any longer. . . sigh Who would have thought? Had I known that, I might have bought a few more when I was buying. With my luck, they would all be in the same little "purse" that is lost now tho. sigh

I am hoping that one day SOON, I will see the card right before my eyes when least expecting it. What if it snows this weekend? NO PHOTOS!!!!!!!!! Arrrrggggggggh If I could at least find the single one -- all the photos are uploaded so I don't mind about not having photos, I jsut need the "empty" card!!!!!!!!! Soooooooo, tomorrow that is my plan. . . I am cleaning til I find it! It has to be here somewhere. . .

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'm sad. . . .

A teacher I know from the internet and her hubby have been remodeling an old hotel for sometime now. The photos she has shared are of a drop dead gorgeous restoration. I have been waiting to see the finale. . . last I heard, they ordered the elevator for it. I even hoped to go someday just to see it in person and of course meet "Chloe."

Now she is talking of moving to another country and not living in this restored hotel/home after all. Yes, I am sad. . . and praying hard that she was just kidding.

That's all. I can't bear to dwell on this. Her plans for the restored hotel as a private home were something to look forward to . . . the joy is gone.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

You might be a famous artist one day. . .

I am so impressed with the freestyle of some of my 4 year old students in my preschool classroom this year! I got so excited about some of them that I had to photograph their paintings.

Here they are. . .I think they speak for themselves. I think I will give them large mural paper and see what they do individually next time.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I hope their parents framed them.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bells . . .

What is your response when someone says the word "bells?"

I think sometimes it depends on the season. "Jingle Bells" is definitely a popular song for fall and winter from Thanksgiving through the Christmas season. . .It is a song for young and old alike. Does that make it an all generational song?

I remember learning it at an early age because others sang it in my family. BUT when I think about the song, it is the words of "dashing through the snow" that bring me the best memories. . . Sleigh Hill in Pocatello, Idaho; tobogganing down the apple orchard at St Gertrude's Academy in high school --in the panhandle of Idaho; the blizzard in eastern upstate New York in 71 . Yes, sleigh bells are one thing that comes to my mind when someone says "bells."

Wedding bells might be a close tie for first place in most people's lives. . . my marriage only lasted ten years but I will never forget that special day. I still have the beautiful white linen A-line dress. . . heavy lace on the edges of the sleeves with a linen bow to complete it. I look at it today and wonder how I ever fit into that tiny dress. I guess the best memory from that dress/those bells are trifold. . . my three children.

There are other bells. . . bells for church services; bells on doors that alerts the shopowner to someone's presence; school bells; and others that I have probably forgotten at the moment.

The bells I want to write about to end this essay are bell choir bells. Our church purchased their first octave of bells through member donations. For years now, they have found a way to get more octaves and now we also have several octaves of chimes to play alongside the bells. Most of us that donate our time to this service aren't professional musicians but we enjoy playing and trying. Since we are all volunteers, sometimes members of our group don't take it as seriously as we should and don't show up for practice. We were supposed to play chimes this Sunday but it got cancelled because we aren't ready because of the missing members. That announcement was melancholy to me. . . I was ready to play and yet, know some of the newer members aren't . . . so maybe it is a blessing in disguise. Oh well, something to look forward to the next time.

I made a small banner for our bell playing during Easter time. I am seriously thinking of making one for Christmas season. We also have one that has ribbons hanging from the bottom with bells hanging from each ribbon. I only made the lettering and arranged it for that one. Making banners is another hobby I have--many of our church banners were partially made by me.

We will be participating in the Bell Concert in Medford. Oregon in May. It is the last one they are sponsoring so it will leave melancholy memories. We will once again get to play with other bell choirs and be directed by a very talented musician/director. We will get to take some classes and have a nice lunch together. It will end with a concert for the whole town on Sunday afternoon. Yes, bells are a part of my life and I am glad I had the opportunity to participate.


Monday, October 23, 2006

What in the hell do you write about when. . .

you don't know what to write?

I don't even know why I am here writing this. . . but I have a few wild guesses. . .

1.)I don't want to clean my messy house.
2.)There isn't anything worth reading at Tnet tonight.
3.)It's too early to go to bed.
4.)I can't see well enough to read my new book. (Eyes hurt.)
5.)I love to procrastinate.
6.)I love to write.

Growing up, I had 40 pen pals of all ages. (Good thing that stamps were only 3 cents apiece and that I babysat for a family of 8 kids for 25 cents an hour!) We wrote back and forth regularly. Some of my pen pals were adults. Looking back, I have no idea why adults would write to a ten year old kid. . . but those were the good ole days and people did stuff like that. Just because.

I remember when one pen pal died. . . she was 18 and I was 10. It taught me how precious life is. It was a neat time to live and to be pen pals with others who enjoyed writing. I saved those letters for so many years. I don't know what happened to them after I went away to boarding school during high school. I would give anything to be able to re-read them now. I wonder if they saved any of mine?

That makes me sad for my grandchildren. . . they never experienced the pleasure of writing letters to friends they never met in person. I am sure that they would scoff at Grandma and think I was a little crazy (OK . . . a whole lot crazy) for hanging on to these memories. After all, I never even met one of the 40 pen pals in person. Not a single one.

Yet, in my heart, I knew each and everyone as if they lived next door. Tonight, I am glad they didn't . . . as I might never have gotten to KNOW them like I did writing letters. If I could wish one thing for every child on this earth, I would wish they could have a pen pal. Thanks, God, for the memory!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's Been Awhile . . .

A couple weeks ago, I thought I would never get to write in my blog again. I went to the emergency room with such intense pain that I thought I was going to die then and there. After spending 7 hours going through all kinds of tests, they could not find anything the matter with me and referred me to a clinic if I felt the pain again. . . well, my experience with the clinic is so unmentionable that I refuse to dwell on it. I ended up going back to the emergency room the following Tuesday after I was there on a Saturday.

I used to think the world of doctors. . . but with all their expertise, they could not figure out what is the matter with me. Not even after another ten hours there. I can't believe I walked out of that hospital and caught the bus home after ten more hours of tests and all that I had gone through. I left with 10,000 dollars in bills. . .

Well, a few days later I made an appointment with a clinic and now am on a beta blocker for a month. I hate taking pills twice a day. To top that off, three days before I got this prescription, I had such bad headaches that I started taking Advil three times a day just to get through it so I could teach preschool. Really felt like a junkie. In the past month, I have taken more prescribed meds and over the counter pain relievers than during my entire life. . .and I'm old! I am not a pill taker. Rather, I WAS not. . . (I am a drug addict . . . or should be at this rate.)

I have been trying to clean and sort things in case I should die in the near future. I have so much to do as so much got neglected when I was doubling over in sharp shooting pain last month. Maybe I will never get caught up -- I guess you could call that "leaving a legacy for my children." Ü No wonder my daughter doesn't want any contact with me.

They are not going to appreciate going through my collections of stuff. I save everything just in case I might need it. Many times that has come in handy. Anyway, there is the possibility that I could recover from whatever it was and live to be 100 so I will have to sort all my "junk" after all. Things could be worse, I guess. I don't know how but . . .

Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Myrl!

I was so glad I could go and share a little time after work with Myrl to celebrate her birthday this year. . . she is back in the nursing home after a brief hospitalization after being in a caregiver's home. I visited her there once. She did not respond or even wake up. I felt so sad for her -- I know she wants to go home.

I will write more later.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I went down to the Fort Vancouver Reserve today for the all day celebration, intending to stay only part of the day and I did sicne I left around 2:00 PM.

This year it was a bit different as they did not start with the flag ceremony bringing in the colors. I was glad to see it happen after a high school singing contest tho. The military, dressed in their uniforms, carried the flags onto the huge stage. AND they did have us stand up if we had served -- or knew anyone who had served -- during the song for each branch of the military. I stood with tears running down my cheeks as I remembered my sons who are both in the Navy and my brother and a brother in law who served in the Air Force.

To me, that's celebrating the 4th of July with pride. I didn't need to wait for fireworks. That and the music that the military band performed was my CELEBRATION. Happy 4th of July, America!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Independence Day 2006

In the United States, we celebrate our independence tomorrow! It is July 4th!

Independence. . . sometimes, I wonder how many Americans really understand what that word means. Some of us just think it means a BBQ with family and friends, maybe a city parade, and fireworks. But why do we do these things? What is the celebration all about? Can we still celebrate our independence even if we don't BBQ, visit friends, participate in parades or watch the firework displays?

Maybe we need to reflect on this seriously. How do we go about doing that? How far back in history do we need to ponder? Is reflection enough? Let's see. . . since I was born at the end of WWII, is that far enough to know and appreciate the freedom I enjoy as an American and apply to my life today? What about the life of my family, friends, neighbors, etc.? Why would I need to know history way back in 1776?

I think the answer lies in "knowledge is power". . . How can we appreciate what we have if we don't know what it was like without it. I'm speaking of freedom. The freedom our forefathers fought for so we can all enjoy life; the freedom that men and women continue to preserve throughout the world.

Today I think especially of my two sons, their Dad and Grandfather -- all served/are serving in the Navy to help provide the freedom we celebrate yearly on the 4th of July. Thank you God, for their patriotism. Perhaps everyday should be Independance day celebrations in our hearts.

Tomorrow, when I go to the Fort Vancouver parade grounds to celebrate and the flag is brought in by men and women of all branches of the military,my heart will swell with pride that I live in America, that part of my family continue to serve to keep us free. . .YES! I will proudly stand when they call out NAVY! Thank you Todd and Shaun. . . Am I proud to be an American? You bet!

AND, God, please continue to keep Todd and his buddies safe from harm during their mission in Afghanistan. Bring them back safely, every one!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Felt like I was a secretary today . . . oops! I mean an Administrative Assistant!

I have a variety of jobs at the Library, none of which I love. BUT. . . it's a job and is helping me pay the rent while I am searching for another job. Today, my boss told me she would not be there so I was going to go upstairs and sort magazines. . . a dull routine job but one that somebody has to do.

I never got there at all.

The minute I walked in, Nancy said to me that I would be using the computer at my supervisor's desk and replying to emails that had applications for a certain library job -- one that I am not qualified for so didn't get to try for it. First I made copies of the emails by sending to the printer and then downloaded all their info they had and sent them to the printer. Last of all, I replied the same wording (little cut and paste activity) to the top of each email and sent it on its way. The lady that had me do this said by doing this, the applicants won't keep sending emails about the job they applied for. lol Then I gathered up all my printing and bundled them with paper clips for each applicant, highlighted names on the cover pages and put them in alphabetical order.

Nope! I wasn't finished yet. Then I had to separate into the two different positions they were applying for in two different town libraries and make copies of each. After making stapled copies for each, I sorted and filed alphabetically into two folders and gave the originals to the person in charge.

THEN, I got to use this really weird electric typewriter since I was making only two labels for the folders. You could not see on the label what you printed until you pressed return BUT you could see it all in a special slot on the typewriter! I think that was the most fun part of the day! I have never seen a typewriter that worked like that in my life!

That part of the job over, the Human Resources person had me sort, alphabetize and make copies of other applications for the position (that arrived through the mail.) I also filed them in order and combined with earlier work.

I can't believe how much time this took. I was almost finished when my boss returned but I hadn't even taken my break yet and I had only 25 minutes to work -- minus the 15 minute break. Soooooooooooo, the regular boss told me to just do some quick things so I sorted some pictures I had cut out and framed for the literacy program and it was time to go home.

Well, I am definitely getting experience working on a PC computer at work. . . sigh It makes me appreciate my iMac so much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Can one ever have too many roses?

I had to ponder this very question as I tried to share photos of the roses I recently acquired. The answer was yes because they were so slow loading. Thus, I am here with another batch of ROSES from yesterday's escapades. This time, all orange beauties:

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Shoes to roses. . .

Now, that title sure makes the reader wonder what I have been up to! Well, it pretty much speaks of my Saturday. I traveled on two buses to get a store to buy some new sandals that looked a little dressier to wear with my new brown suit and shirt of blue, brown and white thin stripes.

I hadn't been shopping in many months and after almost 7 hours of looking for just the right outfit, I finally found it at Penny's. That was yesterday after work. Today, I just had to go back to the store I saw the shoes in before I went to the mall and found the outfit. Luckily, they went together. And . . . look at the neat hair holders I found and bought before I even had the outfit!

My shopping journey finished, I decided to go home via the downtown Farmer's Market. I didn't actually go the market today but to the park next to it where they have a rose garden. I figured it was probably time for roses to be blooming and I was correct!

More to add but allergies getting the best of me now. . . so until later. . .

So, that's my Saturday. . . the best part anyway. The rest, I spent coping with my allergies. The news said this is the worst year for allergy suffers. . . they are soooooooooooooooo right. I'm glad my "shoes to roses" adventure provided a reason to enjoy an otherwise allergy focus Saturday.

PS If you click on individual photos, they enlarge.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Hurrah! I got some more help. . .

Presently, I am the librarian for our church. It doesn't pay anything but it gives me a chance to use the skills that I went to college for and hardly ever get to use otherwise . . . since I never "got that media specialist job."

When the church first started almost 50 years ago, someone or maybe, several someones did a good job of cataloging books. I wasn't a member then. I came 21 years ago and it was an ignored place by 1985. No one did anything to keep the library up. People donated books and they just piled up -- even if they weren't appropriate for a church library. In '95, I started to help take care of the mess but then I got a job teaching in California so I left with good instructions written down for others to continue what I began. Guess they gave up because I didn't see much change when I returned 7 years later.

Then, one of our church members, a wood craftsman, built beautiful library shelving in the church narthex. It sat there for three weeks with nothing on it. no one was doing a thing to move any books to it from the old library that was down the long hall.

Sooooooooooo, I volunteered to be the librarian. Of course I wasn't satisfied with just moving the books. . . I had to check to make sure that each had the three cards, were listed on the accession list and in good repair. THEN and only then, we transfered some books to the narthex. I had two volunteer helpers. There is also a video shelving unit so got some of the videos placed there. . . went thru the check list of videos and there were over 200 missing. It is no wonder . . . with no decent checkout system in place and no one in charge.

OK, so here I am, now starting to catalog the myriad of books that had never been catalogued and the job is overwhelming to me. I counted 24 things to do to each book by time as it is placed on the shelf. THIS IS A BIG JOB and neither of my helpers wants to type and typing is slowing me down.

Sooooooooooooooooo, three weeks ago I placed a notice in the church bulletin that I could use some typists in my work with the library. I asked for temporary helpers or full time helpers; any day, any time; for one time or every week; or once a month or twice a year. . . was not particular. I would take all that offered. Week one. . . nothing. Week two . . . nothing yet.

Finally,last Sunday, TWO (2) people volunteered to come and type at church. One will make the title, author and subject cards and the other will type the book pockets and cards. I already type the spine numbers. I also type the accesion list. They start this week! I am sooooooooo happy!

This morning and part of the afternoon, I spent working over at church, getting shelves of books ready for the different people that work on the cataloging. Got at least one shelf of work for each helper, filled with books that are in different stages.

Art files all the cards in the three drawer metal cabinet and glues in the date due slips and stamps page 13 with our church name. He also helps me decide if it is a church related book that agrees with doctrines of our faith when I am not sure. . . most of them, I can do myself but it never hurts to have a 2nd opinion. He catalogs his own books at his home and is a voracious reader. He used to invite the Jehovah Witness people over so he could prove them wrong. Ü They refuse to visit him any longer. lol

Dorothy helped me sort the cards in the title, subject and author drawers when we first started since we needed to make sure we had all the cards for books that were already catalogued. She now helps at home with the videos -- she has a few more to type cards for and I am glad I don't have to deal with them!

Ka 'ren will now be my typist for the three cards: title author, and subject. . . sometimes there is more than one subject card. I write down all the information for her and she will type it on the appropriate cards using samples I made for her.

Elaine will type the pockets and check out cards. She wants to take them home to do but after the first few hundred that she hauls back and forth, I bet she will opt to bring her typewriter there or use the one I have stored in the cabinet -- on a different day than Ka 'ren volunteers.

I will continue writing down the cataloging info, puting clear plastic covers on the nicer books with jackets and a sealed plastic cover for special paperbacks. I will continue to type the numbers for the spine and put tape over them and colored tape for certain types of books to make them stand out for sections like Fiction or Children's books. I will keep up the accession list on my laptop and keep the supplies ordered. I will repair the books that need it. I will also shelf all the books in the narthex (or the overflow in the room where we are working) and write articles to encourage people to make use of the library for Sunday bulletins and the monthly newsletter. This is a big job even with help!

You would think I would be looking for the day when all the books are catalogued . . . I am . . . because then I get to do some ordering of current books and that is something I know I will enjoy! All the hard work will be worth it. Then I can start all over again with MORE hard work. . . am I a glutton for punishment or what?

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Do you think God is deaf? OR Setting records. . .

I know this is a stupid question. . . I know God is perfect and hears my pleas for NO MORE RAIN! I reckon He has a reason for giving us an over abundance of it this year but it is so cold and wet today! Today? Heck! Yesterday we set a record for the date for having a high of 56 -- the lowest high for that date here ever!!!!!!!!!!

Last year on the same date, it was 96 which also set a record . . . as being the highest temperature for that date.

I guess now that it is spring and summer is almost here, I just wish that we could have some of those nice warm days without wind or rain to cool us off too much. I like to walk and it has been awhile since I had the time and opportunity on a nice day.

I wanted to share MY rain with Vir Ü but it just didn't happen. . . she finally did get her own rain though.

Well, I guess there is one good thing about rain and photography. . . the droplets of water make the flowers look interesting

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Some people can be so stupid!!!!!!!!!!

This is a snowball tree which I love . . . I place it here because paying my taxes this year felt like I was being snowballed!

My tax person filed my 2005 taxes online so all I had to do was send in the check of the amount I owed with my social security number on it. I did just that -- on the last day I could possibly do it WITHOUT getting a penalty. I deposited my letter to the IRS in a locked mailbox and waited for them to cash it so my bank account would not "look like" I had lots of money in it.

Almost two months later, they still had not cashed it! THEN, I give up and stop checking on line banking for it. THEN, I get a bill in mail for what I owe and penalties added. I was so mad I could've spit!

Finding their 800 number, I called. When I finally got a human voice (can't call her a human being), I explained my side and questioned their bill. In the meantime, I was signing online with my bank addy. I can see that they cashed my check on May 3rd and it is finally posted online. . . so I asked why they sent me this new bill because I definitely had sent them the check and they had cashed it and I had the proof before me.

I told her how my accountant had said to just write my social security number on the check and that it was for the tax I was filing this year. . . and sure enough I had done that. The voice on the other end says, "Well, you put "2006 taxes" on the notation so we presumed it is for the coming year since you are employed for yourself in your position and you must pay ahead.

I guess I should have written "2005 taxes owed". . . because the idiots that work there can't compare it to my return and see it is the exact amount I owed for 2005, taxes they had ragged on me for NOT PAYING yet. SIGH

I do not know of a single person that pays their whole year's taxes ahead of time. . . based on what their salary is supposed to be. Even in my job, I was supposed to just make payments three times a year. I had coupons for it. I didn't pay the last two coupons because my job ended. Then I found out that my taxes were estimated on my total salary I should be getting and spread out to pay. It still doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway, now the "problem" is taken care of and I am poor on my bank statement. I sure hope I can find a full time job soon so I can even think about spending a dollar foolishly or go window shopping and know I can afford to buy something.

When I wrote the title to this, I was thinking of the IRS as stupid, but they probably think it was me for writing "2006 taxes" on the check notation. ANOTHER BIG SIGH!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I heard her talk today. . .

Yesterday was 97 followed by 86 today. . . need I say it was HOT?????!!!!!!!??????

I almost didn't go to the Nursing Home to visit my friend, Myrl who is recovering from a stroke there. I told myself it was just too hot to walk that half mile after I got off the bus. After all, Myrl has two daughters and 2 sons presently in town and many grandchildren too. . .

I couldn't NOT go. I am glad I did as she was off eating in the dining room (with her left hand and in a wheel chair) and her son, the Pastor, and her oldest daughter were there. We chatted a bit and then Myrl was wheeled back to her room from the dining hall. It was good to see her -- she was sporting a pink baseball cap!

I guess she had a bad day on Mother's Day. She looked great tonight! We chatted a bit -- I mean the three of us did and Myrl listened. THEN, her daughter said, "Mom, show Paulie you can talk now." I was flabbergasted. . . She said "a" . . . that's 100 percent more than she has said over the past two months! It was so good to hear something coming from this gentle friend again. She understands what we say and can shake her head yes or know. She just needs that physical therapy to learn to talk over again. I am soooooo excited to see this progress. She is getting a new cast this week too. I just wish her right hand would get some motion again.

I told her I am going to make a power point on my laptop of flowers from her yard so she can see them. She cried a little and I felt sad that she had to see photos and not the real thing. BUT . . . the good news is that she is starting to talk again. Thank you, God, for this small miracle. Thank you for giving me such a special friend.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wonder what to plant this year??????

I live in a gated complex presently and the guy in charge said I could have some garden space this year. I asked him for just two rows because I am poor and can't afford to buy many seeds or starts. Wonder what I should plant this year?

Tomatoes have to be one of the veggies for sure. . . think I will get two. I love vine ripened tomatoes; the tomatoes the store sells are tasteless. Guess I got spoiled always having a huge garden when I was growing up. I remember my first garden when I was married-- I lived in upstate New York then. I planted 36 tomato plants; they were coming out of my ears! We had sliced tomatoes every day! I never canned a one. What a great memory!

But I digress. I had two tomato plants in my flower bed last year and that was sufficient for me to have some everyday. Yes, that is my top priority! I already have two cages to keep them off the ground and from "getting buggy."

I love peas from the garden too -- never cook them, just shell and eat them so think I will plant a whole row of those. AND, I have to have a couple (or more) zucchini plants so I can fry lots of zucchini this summer.

Hey! That wasn't so bad. Tomatoes, peas, zucchini . . . yes, that should take up two rows. Think I will plant them Sunday. It will be Mother's Day and none of my kids are going to travel here so that would be a good time to do it.

I would do it Saturday but I have an all day Red Cross First Aid training to go to and no time left over -- will have to walk home. . . will be a nice hike. The weather should be nice if the prediction on TV is correct. . .think I'll take the part of the new trail they recently built as that will get me within a mile of my home.

Home! That sounds so wonderful. Last month I did not even know if I would have one still. God is good!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I forgot. . . again

How many times have I reminded myself to write something down so I would not forget? Too many!

This afternoon at work I was thinking about what to write in my blog and I came up with two words I wanted to discuss. I remember this vividly. Do you think I can remember what they were? Of course not. Murphy's law. . .

So, I am stuck and have nothing to write about tonight. sigh I thought by coming here, it would prompt a flashback to those two words. Didn't work.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Planting time . . .

Last year at this time, I was very excited about planting my tomatoes, zucchini, kohlrabi, peas and Bachelor Buttons. This year, I can't get in the gardening mood to plant because I don't know what will happen . . . . in ways of a full-time job, I mean. If I don't get a better paying job, I may have to move. I figure if I have to move, why bother to go to all the trouble to plant and not be able to reap the benefit of all my home-grown goodies myself?

So, until I make up my mind, I will just imagine those wonderful tomatoes I could be eating in a couple months.

I received a bunch of seeds after the library's Volunteer Appreciation Day event. They had the theme, "Seeds of Kindness" and gave out packets of flower seeds. The volunteer supervisor gave me some leftover ones.

Decided to plant some of them at Myrl's in a couple long flower boxes on her front porch. I also weeded and made three rows of different plants in one of her garden boxes out back. I am hoping they will be a nice surprise for her when she comes home from the Nursing Home. Maybe I will plant some tomatoes for her too. . . we will see. She has three of these garden boxes.

On the way to Myrl's this past week, I found another letter: "Y"

Of course, there were beautiful spring flowers to enjoy too! More are also blooming in Myrl's backyard. . . the snowball tree is getting whiter from its pale green snowballs; instead of one gold/purple Iris, there were many in bloom.

On the way home, among other flowers I saw, I found this "drop dead gorgeous" pink and white striped tulip:

Here's a close up.

Sure makes a poor person feel rich to see all these lovely creations God provided for our pleasure.