Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hats and scarves for orphanage . . .

Well, i got in on this project a bit late but i made three sets to go with the other 97 sets the other ladies had made. there is going to be a bunch of happy, warm kids this winter!
i had never made a hat before with hairpin lace crochet. I got a pattern/directions on the internet and there is no way on earth that a child could fit their head into it so I folded it in and added a little tie string and then doubled up the neck scarf to make it for a small child.

The next one, I loved the multi-colors of purple, pink and yellow but it seemed a bit strong so I added a white strip in the middle of the neck scarf and some on the hat also.

My final one is a pastel multicolored set.

i enjoyed making the neck scarves but the hats are very tedious and doubt I will make any more of them.

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Love Bears All Things said...

Those are beautiful and such a worthy cause.
Mama Bear