Monday, October 29, 2007

End of October leaves. . .

Walking along a downtown street, I spotted this leaf with raindrops still on it and found it interesting. I also liked the leaf shadow. Sometimes the "ugly" is really beautiful!

The beauty of this red leaf tree caught my eye from a distance.

i liked this portion of the Maple tree leaves still on the branches so much that I framed it.

Thought this might make a nice background for a Thanksgiving card.. .

Loved the changing colors of these.

Found this lonely leaf interesting because of the curled up edges and its shadow.

Even these curled up leaves have a certain beauty.

Beauty demonstrated even in the end of life.

Autumn is beautiful!

Tree trunk with autumn color in foreground.


Love Bears All Things said...

Answering your comments: The Sheflera was given to me in 2004 by a friend who moved to Virginia. It was root bound and suffering from Scale. I thought it would surely die. I treated it a few times but held out no hope. That first summer that it was outside, it recovered but didn't grow too much. Last Summer was when it really took off. I repotted it and put another plant at it's base. This summer it grew 2 1/2 feet at the top. I cut that off. I can't contain it if it is too big. So it is 4 years since it was purchased.
I bought a small container of root compound several years ago and so far I have found nothing that won't root if you use it. I've not tried it on the Sheflera.
Mama Bear

Love Bears All Things said...

Include photos of your houseplants.
Lucky you, sleeping in. 8:00 or so is the most I ever manage. I have all my back windows uncovered, just valances at the top. Our back Garden is such a jungle, don't have to worry about anyone seeing in from behind, our fence is locked so no one can get into the back. Anyway, I love all the light coming in. In the morning sometimes if it isn't cloudy, I'll prop pillows beside my head to block the light and sleep later.
I got all my plants in today. Repotted three Peace Lilies. I like the pots that have water wells on bottom to water that way.
Mama Bear