Saturday, October 27, 2007

More paining. . .I mean painting . . . well, I am in pain so maybe not

Well, I did it. . . finished painting two sets of stairs to the choir loft. It looks so GOOD! I bet no one has painted it in 20 years or more. I never saw anyone and I first came there in '87. What a job!

I forgot to take photos!!!!!!!! Tomorrow . . .

I just wanted to clean my painting things and get out of there. I was so tired coming home on the bus. My body aches from stretching with that roller even tho it was on a long pole. I'm glad it is finished and I feel good what i accomplished in two days.

This next week is going to be mine. No helping anyone but me. Maybe I can get more unpacked in my two month old new to me apartment!

Before I caught the bus to go paint this morning, i walked two miles to the Farmer's Market and bought a big ripe tomato. Today is the last Saturday Farmer's Market until spring now.

It was a beautiful warm day today --no rain!!!!!!!!

Not doing another thing tonight except getting my post ready for BYB Sunday.


Sandy Carlson said...

Good for you. Nothing like the feeling of having accomlpished a worthwhile, needed task.

Love Bears All Things said...

Hope you had a good night of rest.
That tomato sounds good.
Mama Bear