Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Freecycle. . .

The internet has a group in many towns called "Freecycle." It is a way to recycle things that you don't need any longer or to get something without cost to you. You sign up for it and get emails with offers or needs/wants. "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." Freecycle!

You reply if you are interested and hope you are the first one because that's who the item goes to usually. They discourage tear jerker requests and replies. The person wanting the object has to pick it up at an arranged time. It is good for both parties because the owner doesn't have to put it in the dump or haul it to Goodwill and the new owner has something they can use.

If for some reason the first person doesn't pick it up, they tell the 2nd person. Usually, it is picked up right away. It's a good deal all around. I have gotten

*two large wardrobe moving boxes

*innumerable boxes of all sizes for moving

*a tray for computer keyboard and mouse pad that attaches to the bottom of your desk.

I have recycled:

*boxes and packing papers three different times

*my traffic light on a stand that a parent made for me from a real traffic light for use in my classroom

*a bookshelf
*2 clothes drying racks
*bookcase for BIG books with 5 BIG BOOKS (Saved the other 97 BB for my granddaughter who is going to be a preschool teacher.)

*3 pocket charts
*2 library (Hallmark cards shelving) shelving units

The last 6 things went to a Kindergarten teacher.

I hope to recycle 9 more file cabinets in the near future. Ü It is easier to part with your things when you know someone has a need for them. Of course someone could be collecting things for a yard sale and make money off them -- that's the chance you take.

Whoever started this surely had the greatest idea of the century!

Today, I did something different than normal for freecycling. I loaned some cookie cutters to a lady who wanted fall cookie cutters for her baby's first birthday. I loaned her a big apple, a small apple, a pumpkin, and three leaves. I took a chance that she will return them. She gave me her phone number and address and when she picked them up she showed me a piece of mail and her driver's license. She wasn't insulted that I asked for that. She will borrow them for two weeks and then call me to return them. Her baby's birthday is the third week in October. I found out that she is a teacher from Ohio and taught one year at Evergreen High School here in town but is taking this year off because of the baby.

I am pretty sure she will return my cookie cutters and if not, well I took that chance that there are good people in the world and I brought a bit of happiness to a birthday celebration.


Tanya, the Super Mom said...

I love freecycle!

I have given away so much stuff for the past year! And I would have been sad to see it go to goodwill instead of to a person who really needed it!

Katney said...

I am glad that the book racks have gone on to the next user. I am glad that you were able to use them when you needed them.

Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like a sure thing!
Mama Bear

Jenny McB said...

I subscribe to Freecycle and haven't done anything yet, but I always have my eye out.

But sometimes it is amusing what people are asking for, snowblower or motorcycle.