Saturday, October 13, 2007

Card making Saturday. . .

This morning, i taught a two hour card making class to 4 people from our church. i thought more people would show up since it had lots of publicity. But those that did, appreciated it. I wanted to demonstrate the masking tape/Kaliedoscope backgrounds. The people got to keep their own even tho no one paid for anything and i brought most of the materials. I took photos of their cards when they had completed their work and they didn't turn out too bad! Ü

When I finished that, Elaine gave me a ride home and then I went to Pampered Stampers and participated in some free classes on card making. I enjoyed all of them but one and my product there came out terrible and the lady was not much help so I won't show that one.

This card, they were demonstrating hand punches with a fall theme. I like the final product and not one of us made ours exactly the same but we all had the same materials.

The next two cards are made by background stenciling. We put this metal stencil flat in a small box on its side and then sprayed the back wall with paint -- I used green -- the "fumes" bounced back and landed on the card in the bottom of the box, making the background leaves. Then we carefully lifted off the metal stencil and placed another sheet of card stock over it and used a brayer to make the the negative pattern. Now I had two background for two cards. I added the other things by punching out leaves, stamping and cutting around two larger leaves and using an acorn brad and framing the little sign.

The last one, I punched teensy dots in a circle and threaded a very thin needle with varigated thread through them to make snowflakes. I was supposed to follow the pattern of the top left one for all three but any snow lover knows no two snowflakes are alike so I made different stitches for the other two. Ü


CRIZ LAI said...

Hmm.. I guessed you must be busy with card making this week to be in PH. Anyway, I love all the cards, especially those autumn ones. No intention of using real leaves? you can spray a coat of lacquer on them you know? :)

CRIZ LAI said...

Aww.. sorry to get your reply that way. Do keep in touch if you need my ideas. Same name, joined up at gmail dot com.

Another good experience would be using leaves or shells on a hard card. Coat them with PU glue, then tissue, then PU glue, then tissue until you get the thickness you wanted. Let it dry and you can spray it with gold/silver/black. Highlight those embossed area with dry paint...then lacquer the page. The effect will be great. Happy trying :)

Chloe said...

I love those leaf punches! We don;t get much of a leaf falling season here, but I still like the idea of falling leaves!