Sunday, October 14, 2007

Spider web . . .

I went over to my church on Saturday to teach a card makin' class for interested people. As I arrived at the church and walked up the side drive, i spotted this spider web. It was cloudy and overcast day and rain threatened also. Click on all photos to see the webs better -- they are beautiful when you can see them clearly. If you just look at the first two here, you won't really see them or the spider.

This is my first photo of the spider building his web.

Another view of spider and web on Saturday.

Today, when I went to church, I walked past it again, half expecting it to be gone. it was still there and more beautiful than ever! No spider tho. . . unless i can't see it. . .CLICK on PHOTO to see it huge.

NOTE on spiders from TV NEWS:
the news said tonight that the spiders building webs are at the end of their life span. They are building webs to attract other spiders to mate and they are also looking for food but are not dangerous to people. In fact, since they eat other insects, they are valuable to people who are bothered by the insects they eat.


Love Bears All Things said...

That was quite impressive. I wonder how long it takes to build one that big.
I've been meaning to ask the signifigance of "postcard".
Mama Bear

Jenny McB said...

Wow, the detail of the web on the bottom picture is incredible. Wonder where the spider was hiding!

Jenny McB said...

Lol- I liked the bottom one so much that I didn't look close enough at the other two.

Can I just say that my kittens make it hard to use my lap top now?? Right now this message is taking me longer than it should, b/c I keep picking up the kitten off the keyboard.

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, I should have figured that out on my own, sorry!
Mama Bear

Annettewith6 said...

Wish I could take photos like you do. Have several over the years of spiderwebs but not as clear as yours. My kids have grown up looking out for them and enjoying their beauty. Thanks again.