Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Autumn on the Columbia . . .

Autumn view on the Columbia.

Barge on Columbia in autumn.

This is a resting place in the Columbia River for traveling birds. i believe this is an Osprey. Well, others disagree. . . i just know that the newspaper said that is what the pole is there for. I presumed it was that for this reason.

Autumn leaves on path.


Katney said...

Interesting bird. I'm not sure it's an osprey, but I don't know what it is. (We have osprey by the Yakima River and I am sure you have some there as well.) The body and legs look like a heron but the head definitely doesn't, and I don't usually see herons up on a platform. That is definitely where osprey hang out, but I think an osprey looks a bit more like a hawk.

How big was it? Sometimes that's hard to estimate from a distance.

I put a heron picture on my blog recently. From that picture you would say "Katney's nuts! They don't look anything alike." But the herons either stretch their necks out like in my picture, or hunch them down so that their bodies look like your bird.

I'm going to go water bird searching.

Tanya, the Super Mom said...

great pictures as always!!! makes me miss Vancouver...

Jenny McB said...

I really like the shadows in the last picture. And the first two pictures look almost fake, the colors are so nice.

It seems our fall is somewhat muted this year, maybe because of the dry conditions and heat?

Love Bears All Things said...

I love those trees.
It could be an Osprey.
Mama Bear