Friday, October 12, 2007

Elaine has another birthday . . .

This is the cover --the front and back covers are cut just a tad bigger than the inside pages and punched and scored for the fold on side. I made the original book pages at Pampered Stampers on one of their free use of tools day. The cover has a rectangular insert that I used the masking tape/Kaliedoscope clear glitter method on. I added a bouquet of flowers I ahd bought to make earlier cards. I had some leftover lettering so decided to personalize it with her name on front.

I used some scrapbooking paper for the backing on this page and a neat friend quote. I placed the cutouts catywampus and added a button to the flower one. The corners of the quote paper were cut with a corner tool also and then framed in blue to contrast with the background design colors.

I wanted to show I use photos in my cards too so used the tulips cut in a disk shape maker, added a ribbon across the page to break up the background and below that I placed to the left a light green paper with a punch of those teensy squares on the top. I added a birthday greeting.

I save all kinds of things to sue in my greeting cards. The musical notes were from a lined envelope and the gold strip of paper was from the flap of an envelope. I added a reversible ribbon, a flower cutout topped by a button and the stamped message framed in a contrasting color. The message is held on with a mini flower brad.

I built this page from the quote that I stamped also at Pampered Stampers. I used my small square punch and made a quilt held together with stips of lilac paper. I added the black ribbon to tie together the words.

Of course, the birthday card book is for a celebration fo Elaine's 80th birthday so I stamped my birthday greeting and added some large flower brads to the center in a catywampus style. The white background is framed in a contrasting color.

The final page is another birthday greeting. I used soem different cutouts and stamped two leaves which i added fall colors to with colored pencils. The two leaves are raised with big dots.


Love Bears All Things said...

Tell me how you stamp the messages. I bought some stamps and pads but never figured it out. I didn't seem to get enough ink on the pad.
I love the card.
Mama Bear

Katney said...

What a beautiful tribute to a friend's birthday! You are very creative and I think your layouts--make that compositions--are delightful.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Oh- it is all so wonderful- We love the friends one!!
kari & kijsa

Love Bears All Things said...

Thanks for the information on stamping. A new store opened here recently, Archiver's. They are advertising a beginners class. I might take that.
I was a little confused because your profile said you were in Washington. Now I believe you are actually in Portland, Oregon.
How has your day been without the photo hunters?
Mama Bear

Annettewith6 said...

hmm lovely...was wondering exactly how you do the masking tape- kaleidoscope effect, it looks very pretty. Not sure if my email comes to you along with my name....will check back and see.

Paulie said...

I tried to go back to your blog but it took me to a page saying "profile npt available. you said you will come back so i will try to explain here.

You take a piece of card stock and tear pieces of masking tape to cover the entire thing. The curvier the tear the better!. Don't leave any spaces, even overlap the edges. Trim all masking tape off the edges by flipping the card over and trimming with a scissor.

Now, take a cotton ball and gently rub ink from an ink pad over all the tape. You can use more than one color.

Pour clear kaliedoscope (glitter in craft stores -- special clear kind that melts when heat embossed)
Shake off excess and then heat emboss using a tool for embossing -- has to get hotter than a hair dryer. Heat emboss until it is all melted and none flakes off.

What you do with final product will determine how card looks. it can be the whole front of card or a smaller rectangle (we used that this time) that is centered and a nother stamped item on top of it.

Hope that helps, Annette.