Thursday, October 25, 2007

WOW! -- Look what i got from Patricia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patricia over at Pollywog Creek was participating in a Name meme and she responded by making a graphic with some internet friend's names. I happened to read her entry that day and when she asked if anyone else wanted one, I emailed her and said I would. She asked me my favorite colors and I told her blue and brown but then i also liked green because it is a sign of growth SO she included all three colors in the graphics she made for me.

Blessings, Patricia! I love them. . . Ü


Sandy Carlson said...

Very beautiful. What a blessing!

Love Bears All Things said...

good friends and good bloggers are hard to come by. We're blessed! And your blog loads in seconds.
Mama Bear

Patricia said...

I'm glad you like them, Paulie. I know you aren't participating in the Photo Hunt, but I wanted to just stop by and say that I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. What a blessing you are to your church!