Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wonder what to plant this year??????

I live in a gated complex presently and the guy in charge said I could have some garden space this year. I asked him for just two rows because I am poor and can't afford to buy many seeds or starts. Wonder what I should plant this year?

Tomatoes have to be one of the veggies for sure. . . think I will get two. I love vine ripened tomatoes; the tomatoes the store sells are tasteless. Guess I got spoiled always having a huge garden when I was growing up. I remember my first garden when I was married-- I lived in upstate New York then. I planted 36 tomato plants; they were coming out of my ears! We had sliced tomatoes every day! I never canned a one. What a great memory!

But I digress. I had two tomato plants in my flower bed last year and that was sufficient for me to have some everyday. Yes, that is my top priority! I already have two cages to keep them off the ground and from "getting buggy."

I love peas from the garden too -- never cook them, just shell and eat them so think I will plant a whole row of those. AND, I have to have a couple (or more) zucchini plants so I can fry lots of zucchini this summer.

Hey! That wasn't so bad. Tomatoes, peas, zucchini . . . yes, that should take up two rows. Think I will plant them Sunday. It will be Mother's Day and none of my kids are going to travel here so that would be a good time to do it.

I would do it Saturday but I have an all day Red Cross First Aid training to go to and no time left over -- will have to walk home. . . will be a nice hike. The weather should be nice if the prediction on TV is correct. . .think I'll take the part of the new trail they recently built as that will get me within a mile of my home.

Home! That sounds so wonderful. Last month I did not even know if I would have one still. God is good!

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