Saturday, May 06, 2006

Planting time . . .

Last year at this time, I was very excited about planting my tomatoes, zucchini, kohlrabi, peas and Bachelor Buttons. This year, I can't get in the gardening mood to plant because I don't know what will happen . . . . in ways of a full-time job, I mean. If I don't get a better paying job, I may have to move. I figure if I have to move, why bother to go to all the trouble to plant and not be able to reap the benefit of all my home-grown goodies myself?

So, until I make up my mind, I will just imagine those wonderful tomatoes I could be eating in a couple months.

I received a bunch of seeds after the library's Volunteer Appreciation Day event. They had the theme, "Seeds of Kindness" and gave out packets of flower seeds. The volunteer supervisor gave me some leftover ones.

Decided to plant some of them at Myrl's in a couple long flower boxes on her front porch. I also weeded and made three rows of different plants in one of her garden boxes out back. I am hoping they will be a nice surprise for her when she comes home from the Nursing Home. Maybe I will plant some tomatoes for her too. . . we will see. She has three of these garden boxes.

On the way to Myrl's this past week, I found another letter: "Y"

Of course, there were beautiful spring flowers to enjoy too! More are also blooming in Myrl's backyard. . . the snowball tree is getting whiter from its pale green snowballs; instead of one gold/purple Iris, there were many in bloom.

On the way home, among other flowers I saw, I found this "drop dead gorgeous" pink and white striped tulip:

Here's a close up.

Sure makes a poor person feel rich to see all these lovely creations God provided for our pleasure.

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Chloe said...

You are really an artist with these lovely flower close-ups! I guess you see with Frieda Khalos; eyes...who could paint things that I certainloy wouldn't notcie. Or Georgia O'Keefe.

Your spring is so different form ours.

Hope your job serch continues to be fulfilling. THe library one sounds like a good match for you right now.