Saturday, November 18, 2006

I'm sad. . . .

A teacher I know from the internet and her hubby have been remodeling an old hotel for sometime now. The photos she has shared are of a drop dead gorgeous restoration. I have been waiting to see the finale. . . last I heard, they ordered the elevator for it. I even hoped to go someday just to see it in person and of course meet "Chloe."

Now she is talking of moving to another country and not living in this restored hotel/home after all. Yes, I am sad. . . and praying hard that she was just kidding.

That's all. I can't bear to dwell on this. Her plans for the restored hotel as a private home were something to look forward to . . . the joy is gone.


Chloe said...

Oh, I imagine I'll be living there at least HALF the year, Paulie! And you can come visit anytime. It is just that we have six weeks of good weather here...four weeks between September and February, doled out a day at a time and two weeks in the spring, right around Easter. The rest of the time it is so foggy you can't see across the street OR so hot that you can't cook inside the house. And we are at an Amtrack stop, so you can come visit...elevator and all! Belize is just our snowbird getaway.

Paulie said...

O, wow! I am so glad to hear that news, Chloe. . . I just could not imagine you selling that hotel/home to anyone that could love it as much as you seem to. . . well, maybe I love it as much but I don't have the big bucks to buy it if it were for sale AND I hate California! Ü

I will have to start saving my pennies so I cn actually make a visit a reality someday. I can dream again tho. Thanks for the good news and the invite!

Chloe said...

I come from immigration stock; both parents immigrated in their teens, so leaving "home" is not out of the norm for us. In fact, on both sides of the family only my husband's mother was here before 1900...and she is a First American, so SHE has been here forever!

Belize offers a much slower life style...and as you know, I am not extactice over the ever increasing speed of life here, sor am i happy with either the number of people living her, the traffic OR the proliferation of fast foods/consumerism way of life here.

I am looking for a much slower life where i don;t have to wear shoes!

Where we will be living is an island, much like Catalina, only with warm water. We are close to Jamaica. Miami. Tampa and Dallas and only six hours from "home".