Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I heard her talk today. . .

Yesterday was 97 followed by 86 today. . . need I say it was HOT?????!!!!!!!??????

I almost didn't go to the Nursing Home to visit my friend, Myrl who is recovering from a stroke there. I told myself it was just too hot to walk that half mile after I got off the bus. After all, Myrl has two daughters and 2 sons presently in town and many grandchildren too. . .

I couldn't NOT go. I am glad I did as she was off eating in the dining room (with her left hand and in a wheel chair) and her son, the Pastor, and her oldest daughter were there. We chatted a bit and then Myrl was wheeled back to her room from the dining hall. It was good to see her -- she was sporting a pink baseball cap!

I guess she had a bad day on Mother's Day. She looked great tonight! We chatted a bit -- I mean the three of us did and Myrl listened. THEN, her daughter said, "Mom, show Paulie you can talk now." I was flabbergasted. . . She said "a" . . . that's 100 percent more than she has said over the past two months! It was so good to hear something coming from this gentle friend again. She understands what we say and can shake her head yes or know. She just needs that physical therapy to learn to talk over again. I am soooooo excited to see this progress. She is getting a new cast this week too. I just wish her right hand would get some motion again.

I told her I am going to make a power point on my laptop of flowers from her yard so she can see them. She cried a little and I felt sad that she had to see photos and not the real thing. BUT . . . the good news is that she is starting to talk again. Thank you, God, for this small miracle. Thank you for giving me such a special friend.

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