Monday, June 05, 2006

Felt like I was a secretary today . . . oops! I mean an Administrative Assistant!

I have a variety of jobs at the Library, none of which I love. BUT. . . it's a job and is helping me pay the rent while I am searching for another job. Today, my boss told me she would not be there so I was going to go upstairs and sort magazines. . . a dull routine job but one that somebody has to do.

I never got there at all.

The minute I walked in, Nancy said to me that I would be using the computer at my supervisor's desk and replying to emails that had applications for a certain library job -- one that I am not qualified for so didn't get to try for it. First I made copies of the emails by sending to the printer and then downloaded all their info they had and sent them to the printer. Last of all, I replied the same wording (little cut and paste activity) to the top of each email and sent it on its way. The lady that had me do this said by doing this, the applicants won't keep sending emails about the job they applied for. lol Then I gathered up all my printing and bundled them with paper clips for each applicant, highlighted names on the cover pages and put them in alphabetical order.

Nope! I wasn't finished yet. Then I had to separate into the two different positions they were applying for in two different town libraries and make copies of each. After making stapled copies for each, I sorted and filed alphabetically into two folders and gave the originals to the person in charge.

THEN, I got to use this really weird electric typewriter since I was making only two labels for the folders. You could not see on the label what you printed until you pressed return BUT you could see it all in a special slot on the typewriter! I think that was the most fun part of the day! I have never seen a typewriter that worked like that in my life!

That part of the job over, the Human Resources person had me sort, alphabetize and make copies of other applications for the position (that arrived through the mail.) I also filed them in order and combined with earlier work.

I can't believe how much time this took. I was almost finished when my boss returned but I hadn't even taken my break yet and I had only 25 minutes to work -- minus the 15 minute break. Soooooooooooo, the regular boss told me to just do some quick things so I sorted some pictures I had cut out and framed for the literacy program and it was time to go home.

Well, I am definitely getting experience working on a PC computer at work. . . sigh It makes me appreciate my iMac so much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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