Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's Been Awhile . . .

A couple weeks ago, I thought I would never get to write in my blog again. I went to the emergency room with such intense pain that I thought I was going to die then and there. After spending 7 hours going through all kinds of tests, they could not find anything the matter with me and referred me to a clinic if I felt the pain again. . . well, my experience with the clinic is so unmentionable that I refuse to dwell on it. I ended up going back to the emergency room the following Tuesday after I was there on a Saturday.

I used to think the world of doctors. . . but with all their expertise, they could not figure out what is the matter with me. Not even after another ten hours there. I can't believe I walked out of that hospital and caught the bus home after ten more hours of tests and all that I had gone through. I left with 10,000 dollars in bills. . .

Well, a few days later I made an appointment with a clinic and now am on a beta blocker for a month. I hate taking pills twice a day. To top that off, three days before I got this prescription, I had such bad headaches that I started taking Advil three times a day just to get through it so I could teach preschool. Really felt like a junkie. In the past month, I have taken more prescribed meds and over the counter pain relievers than during my entire life. . .and I'm old! I am not a pill taker. Rather, I WAS not. . . (I am a drug addict . . . or should be at this rate.)

I have been trying to clean and sort things in case I should die in the near future. I have so much to do as so much got neglected when I was doubling over in sharp shooting pain last month. Maybe I will never get caught up -- I guess you could call that "leaving a legacy for my children." Ü No wonder my daughter doesn't want any contact with me.

They are not going to appreciate going through my collections of stuff. I save everything just in case I might need it. Many times that has come in handy. Anyway, there is the possibility that I could recover from whatever it was and live to be 100 so I will have to sort all my "junk" after all. Things could be worse, I guess. I don't know how but . . .


Chloe said...

YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE. Did they test you for gall bladder? Hepititis? THAT will cause doubling up pains.

But if there isn;t anything else do do, maybe doing some judicious tossing and filing wouldn't be a bad idea.

I'm selling ALL of my not-favorite things on ebay...I tried the flea market and I tried a giant yard sale but at least on ebay, I FEEL like I have a business. I am getting rid of all of my 1,000 lidless tupperware things (yes, I know I can get lids, but what exactly IS the point?) and my 40 dozen casseroles. I am only taking my favorites to the hotel.

ANd what is "the word" for your superpower? You can still come visit. I just need to know that one word.

How is Meryl? I thnk of her often and what a great friend you are to her.

Paulie said...


I will believe that when they find out what is the matter with me. First thing they tested for was gall bladder. . . Not sure about Hepatitus. . . don't remember seeing anything about that on the bill/in the dr comments.

It is my school stuff that is overcrowding my duplex. . . I cleaned out the kitchen stuff years ago -- helped some single/battered wife person furnish their kitchen. I don't do ebay. . .

IF I knew the word for my super power (which hasn't been established as reality but just a wish,) I would gladly share. If I don't die before you move into your hotel home, I might just show up at your front door/elevator. Ü

Myrl is home now. She did so poorly in a new caregiver home that family decided to do a reverse mortgage on her "paid for" home and hire a caregiver who lives on site now. I hear they brought her to church last week but I was gone on a ladies retreat so missed her. This week it rained so hard, I think she probably cancelled the van to pick her up. Being "sick" myself, I haven't seen ehr since her birthday in August.


Chloe said...

I didn't delete your comment and leave Mr. Inky's! I just read it I don;t know what is wrong.
(However, Inky works at the LYS here at the beach....she does the court recorder's about an icky job).

How is your ear? email me about the giant hospital bill, too. I have some ideas, since you don;t have insurance. ( You cn delete this if you want, but I've been where you are, as far as the ginormouse medical bill sits.