Saturday, May 27, 2006

Some people can be so stupid!!!!!!!!!!

This is a snowball tree which I love . . . I place it here because paying my taxes this year felt like I was being snowballed!

My tax person filed my 2005 taxes online so all I had to do was send in the check of the amount I owed with my social security number on it. I did just that -- on the last day I could possibly do it WITHOUT getting a penalty. I deposited my letter to the IRS in a locked mailbox and waited for them to cash it so my bank account would not "look like" I had lots of money in it.

Almost two months later, they still had not cashed it! THEN, I give up and stop checking on line banking for it. THEN, I get a bill in mail for what I owe and penalties added. I was so mad I could've spit!

Finding their 800 number, I called. When I finally got a human voice (can't call her a human being), I explained my side and questioned their bill. In the meantime, I was signing online with my bank addy. I can see that they cashed my check on May 3rd and it is finally posted online. . . so I asked why they sent me this new bill because I definitely had sent them the check and they had cashed it and I had the proof before me.

I told her how my accountant had said to just write my social security number on the check and that it was for the tax I was filing this year. . . and sure enough I had done that. The voice on the other end says, "Well, you put "2006 taxes" on the notation so we presumed it is for the coming year since you are employed for yourself in your position and you must pay ahead.

I guess I should have written "2005 taxes owed". . . because the idiots that work there can't compare it to my return and see it is the exact amount I owed for 2005, taxes they had ragged on me for NOT PAYING yet. SIGH

I do not know of a single person that pays their whole year's taxes ahead of time. . . based on what their salary is supposed to be. Even in my job, I was supposed to just make payments three times a year. I had coupons for it. I didn't pay the last two coupons because my job ended. Then I found out that my taxes were estimated on my total salary I should be getting and spread out to pay. It still doesn't make sense to me.

Anyway, now the "problem" is taken care of and I am poor on my bank statement. I sure hope I can find a full time job soon so I can even think about spending a dollar foolishly or go window shopping and know I can afford to buy something.

When I wrote the title to this, I was thinking of the IRS as stupid, but they probably think it was me for writing "2006 taxes" on the check notation. ANOTHER BIG SIGH!

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