Monday, March 26, 2007

What a disappointment!

People kept telling me the weatherman is not always right but I didn't agree. . . well not until today. I have been planning since last week-- when it rained every day except Monday -- to go on a long hike with my camera in tow TODAY. All the weathermen predicted this would be the only dry day this week. I was going to get in my hike TODAY!

I stayed up late last night/early this morning working on a project for a friend so I slept in and left just before lunch. REMEMBER, it was going to be a nice day. As I walked out the front door, I wondered where the sun was hiding behind the multitude of clouds. I didn't worry a whole lot tho because the weatherman said it would be dry. . . I could walk on an overcast day. No problem for me! Nosiree! I had layered my clothing, had my Crystal Light bottle and my camera. . . what else did I need?

But first, I had to make a bus trip to the Post Office downtown, then catch another bus to north of town and finally, walk the Salmoncreek Trail by Klineline Pond, going west to Felida. I would walk, take photos and enjoy a trip I hadn't made since last year. Our city has wonderfully maintained, wide walking/biking trails. When I got to the end, I would catch a bus back to town and go home with my precious photos. . .

Yeah, sure! I got to the Post Office and it was sprinkling -- remember I did not bring my umbrella on the supposedly sunny day they had forcast. At the PO, I discovered I did not have the address to send my mailing off. As I left the building, it was raining pretty good and I was mad that I couldn't follow my plans for a nice long hike. I told myself that the park was just 5 blocks away and I could go there to take photos of tulips with raindrops on them. That pacified me while walking in the rain and geting soaked!

I lucked out as there were many colors of tulips in bloom since a week ago when I saw only one patch of them. I think I got some great photos and I look forward to when the rest bloom. That park is so different from what it was 22 years ago when I first moved here. That remidns me. . . the Saturday Market should be opening there soon . . . and the summer evening concerts in the park. I love to be there when the bell tower rings and the little characters come out of the tower and tell the story of the native Indians in the area meeting Lewis and Clark. Another great thing about the park is that you can take your laptop there and get on the internet wireless! I have yet to do that but look forward to trying it oneday.

Here's a few of my favorite photos from a rainy Monday:

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