Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Forgotten Penguins. . .

When I lost my job, I forgot about these paintings for awhile. Looking for something else in my iPhoto collection, I ran across them again and thought they were just too precious to not post and write about my little artists. I taught the 4 year olds class and some of my artists turned 5 this fall. They loved to paint. Sometimes I suggested something like the penguin theme and these are a few of them. They had nothing to look at -- just reminders from the books I had read or the penguin games they played. I think they did pretty good!


JennyMcB said...

I like the abstract penquin, the third one. I still have some of my sons' artwork hanging on the cellar door which is always open, so it's on permanent display.

You really are getting into the bloggin, it is fun.

How many other teachers at teachersnet blog?

Paulie said...

Nice to hear from you again. Thought maybe no one bothered to come back since I made changes.

I really don't know how to develop the site -- just experimenting with old html I rememebr. I have written off and on for over a year now. This morning I thought I had nothng to say and then I ran across the photos in iPhoto.

I wish my page didn't take so long to downlaod. . . but that 's what happens when I put lots of photos on it , I presume. I love my leaves photo on the left column -- thought it would make a thumbnail out of it but instead it made it tall and slender.

I have no idea who blogs at Tnet. . . besides Chloe. Julie says she dos but she only sent me her yahoo site and I don't want to sign up for more mail.

I have to find my snow quotes that I wrote down somewhere. They will fill up the left column! lol

I remember the first blog I saw was one a high school kid did with his digital camera photos -- son of a teacher at Tnet. Then Chloe said she was going to do it about her knitting and I decided to do one too because I like to write. ( I started a website a long time ago with a few essays but I forgot the password so can't work on it now. Maybe one day.). That was a year ago in March.

Thanks for checking in on mine. I read yours also but I don't quite understand the 13 thing.