Sunday, March 04, 2007

Moving is such a pain. . .

I know it is my own fault that I have all this "crap." that I have to sort before I move. Before I stopped teaching, it was "my resource treasures" . . . Now, I have to decide how to get rid of it so I can find a small place to live on my tiny social security. I gave 6 boxes of idea books to my granddaughter who is going to be a teacher. She only wanted stuff that was for grades 2 through 4 tho. . . I have lots more for her but she can't store it until she gets her job either. I have a unit in a storage place and I keep hauling more things over there.

Next month she will find out where she will get a call to be a Lutheran teacher. She is also getting married in June.

Wonder where I will be in June?

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RivahGal said...

Paulie, I know what you mean about moving. Our last home had an 1800 sq. ft. basement and this house doesn't! I've had to give away a lot of things, but I refuse to part with my bins of quilting fabric and supplies, my other art stuff, and my books. I feel like I'll be living with boxes forever!

I'm enjoying your blog, keep it up! And I hope that you find a great place to live. Wish you were here in VA, the schools would be fortunate to have you!