Saturday, March 17, 2007

Unique wood. . .

Finding these on the beach at Wintler Park yesterday, I concluded that many of them are unusual and were worth a photo. I wonder what stories they would have to tell IF only they could talk?


JennyMcB said...

I am a lurker at Teachersnet and post occasionally as mcb. I did the midlife career change to teaching and went back to the hospital after 5 years. Looking back, I should never have taught in my town.

But anyways, the pictures of the driftwood are cool, reminds me of a lake in Nova Scotia in the middle of no where that we used to go driftwood scavenging. Your pictures make me want to go take a walk on the beach!

Paulie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. . . I hadn't been down to the river for a long time. I love having a digital camera and using the photos in this way. To think how much prints would have cost me without my digital friend!

I finally figured out that if I clicked on your photo, it would take me to your blog! What a pleasant surprise! NOW, I am inspired to jazz up my blog. . . first thing is to figure how you got such a neat header. . . haven't located the directions for that yet but I am looking. I am also going to add my photo . . . that of my twin and I, at 5 years of age, that is!

Thanks for stopping by and being an inspiration.

JennyMcB said...

When I was a teacher, I made a great web site with all kinds of links and pages which I loved doing. The template is all css which is in Dreamweaver. But you can work on the template through the edit option on Blogger and don't worry, they tell you to back up your template before starting!

The best site for help and ideas was Blogu and I have the link on my page. Have fun!

You should check out the Thursday 13, it's a fun way of seeing other blogs.