Friday, March 02, 2007

Some Thoughts About Snow. . .

Several internet friends have shared photos of their recent snowfalls. I really enjoyed them and they have made me think of the memories I have growing up in southeastern Idaho. Our winters there were filled with snow, like these photos I see from internet friends today. I also experienced the same kind of winters in upstate New York for 4 years. There was nothing more pleasurable to me than shoveling the sidewalks and driveways after a fresh fallen snow. It was something I loved and anticipated with excitement like a child opening a Christmas present. It was something I truly enjoyed. It was something I never got tired of.

Of course, I was a lot younger then. Could that make a difference if I lived with that kind of snow now? I would hope not. Over the past 7 years, since I moved back to Washington from California, I have loved the snow we got occasionally here and looked forward to more each winter.

Just a couple years ago when we had our deepest snow since I moved here, I enjoyed going around and shoveling other friends' driveways for them. it was so much fun for me! I did it all day and only stopped because it was getting dark and I had to head home walking. I am glad I requested that they provide the shovel since that would have been a pain to carry when walking and would have interfered with my taking digital photos of the snow on the trek home!

Yes, I can truly say that I could handle a bigger snowfall than we are getting here in SW Washington these days. I think it would be like going to heaven. I wonder if there is snow in heaven? Wouldn't that be grand?

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