Thursday, March 01, 2007

God is in control. . .

Some days I wonder why I was put on this earth. . . Oh, I have had my mountain top experiences but the valley lows seem to overshadow them at times. (Maybe that's because there's not much snow in the valley presently?) I guess I need to get a different focus on life and stop having a pity party. Time to clean up my environment and start fresh.

I wish I could find a job where my boss appreciated me for what I do. I am always willing to give more than asked for. I would like to find a job that would give me pleasure in knowing that what I do makes a difference. Maybe I am too idealistic.

I haven't shared this with many (now anyone that reads this will know) but I lost my job last month. It was teaching 4 year olds in a daycare preschool. I loved the kids . . . I still do and I miss them terribly. (I know the short 8 months I had with them, I gave them a great headstart for Kindergarten.)

I have resigned myself that I will never get to teach again. I have started giving my teaching resources away. It's the most difficult decision I ever had to make.

Besides the fact that I was in the emergency room last year for undetermined reason, I feel in good shape and health. I don't feel my age. I have always felt younger -- maybe that is because I love to walk. (I am so glad I entered and walked the Portland marathon two years ago.) I can hardly wait for the rain to slow down here so I can walk some of our trails again. Vancovuer has so many paved trails within the city. . . such a change from southern California where I had steady teaching employment but decided to take a chance on a job I wanted here and "come home" to Vancouver. Well, it worked because I got the job . . . and it was a great teaching year. I just didn't want to add an administration hat to my teaching Kindergarten in a school that was just Kindergarten so far and thus, I resigned at the end of the year.

I don't know what tomorrow holds for me. I just guess I will keep on keeping on.


Chloe said...

Have you thought about looking for work as a companion for the elderly? There are lots of women who don;t care to leave their homes, but can;t live alone. Usually, you will do a 24 hour shift and have a day off and trade with one other caregiver. Something to think about.

Paulie said...

Nope but I did apply to be a nanny. (Haven't heard back anything yet tho.) I am not much of a nurse. . . but i love working with kids.