Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Card Making--Otherwise Known As Stamping

Encouraged by a friend's homemade cards using rubber stamps, I took up this hobby about two years ago. I am still learning and may never get to be a master at it but I like seeing what I can create. I like using new techniques and sometimes experimenting on my own too. I have branched out to including my photos on cards also. Some of my sample cards are below. If you want to see the comments I wrote on the jpeg's, click on photo for bigger, more readable view.


Stacie from CT said...

I am sure lucky to have Paulie as a friend. Her handmade creations are
beautiful! Each special day this year I received such a gift. I have watched and read her blog right from the beginning and appreciate her words and photos!

RivahGal said...

Hi Paulie, I saw your directions on the teachers wbsite for finding your blog...I didn't know that you had a blog!! Thanks for posting all of your cards and photos, I love them. You are so creative!

BTW...this is your friend JulieVA, whom you've shared via email some of your cards. I love snowmen, too, and think of you whenever I look at my collection. Living in coastal Virginia, we don't get much snow...we were teased a few times with a handful of flakes, but that's about it. Now that spring is here, I guess I'll have to wait even longer!

If you'd like, check out my blog:

I heard that Chloe has a blog, too. I love her posts on the Tnet board. How can I find her blog, do you know?


JennyMcB said...

Paulie- WOW, it looks great! Isn't this addicting? Do you know how to do photoshop? I had a basic lesson once when learning how to make web pages 6 years ago, but forgot most of it.

So what's next? LOL.

About that Pepsi, the first two weeks without will be horrendous, and the third less so, but after a while, you won't even miss it. You do know about the calories x day,.........=x lbs, somethings are hard to give up, just try to make a tasty, better substitute.


Paulie said...

Hi, jen. . . I have never learned anything about Photoshop because I don't own it. Do most of my editing in Appleworks paint program and sometimes in iPhoto.

Years ago, I learned my html jargon from Lissa Explains site -- a html for kids website. . . she is wonderful at explaining things for anyone to be able to understand. I needed a down to earth explanation. I have forgotten a lot also but I just go to my websites I made in the past and "view source" and copy and paste, changing words if needed.

I did a little editing today. . .