Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sharing is completely diffferent than giving things away. . .

Having always been one to be willing to share, I loaned out my teaching "goodies" to anyone that needed them. Now that I have started downsizing my collection of resources, I have been feeling down myself. I gave my grandaughter 6 big boxes of teacher resource books last week. I was happy to share since she is going to be a teacher soon. But I miss having those things on the shelves -- I had 10 bookcases filled with teacher things, including storybooks. ( I didn't give my books away yet.)

Today I gave away three piecees of furniture, a standing fan, two wooden bookcases, a framed picture and my big Clifford stuffed animal. Learned of a refugee from Africa who is living in Portland with his wife, Mother and 7 children ages 9 months to 16) . He wants to be a Lutheran Pastor and is taking classes along with working a minimum wage job. I wish I had more to share with them. . .

It wasn't too hard -- or so I thought -- to give away my three cabinets that could be used for bedside stands/living room end tables for lamps, etc and holding things on their shelves. After all, this family had no furniture and were sleeping on the floor. I was planning to take them over to the Goodwill truck anyway. . . and I know my things will be used well in this family's apartment. It was hard to gve up my two beautiful folding bookcases --but I do have 8 more just like them!

Funny how we get attached to material things. I know they went to a good home and it makes my heart glad to share them.

Now if I can just get the rest of my stuff sorted so I can move. I need sunshine! These rainy days are not productive to getting anything accomplished. . . I am looking forward to Monday when the rain stops. . . then I can go for a long walk again. I sure enjoyed my two long walks last week. I think I will ride the bus to Klineline Pond and walk the path to Felida and catch the bus home. I hope there are some interesting things to photograph along the way. That always gets me out of my slump. Ü

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Shelly Kneupper Tucker said...

I totally understand the attachment to material things. But, I found a secret, that you will know soon. Once you get rid of a little bit of it, a few months from now you will realize, "Hey, I didn't miss that as badly as I thought I would." The next round of giveaway will be easier. At least, that's what I'm saying at the moment (lol!).