Sunday, March 25, 2007

Look what I saw this morning!

The pink tulips near my home are almost ready to open up! I am so excited!!!!!!!! To view bigger to see raindrops, click on photo.

As you can see, it has been raining a lot. Tomorrow is supposed to be dry------ so I am going for a long walk. I will go downtown, first to the park where many other tulips are also probably blooming by now . Then I will catch a bus to Klineline and walk the Salmoncreek trail to Felida. Getting out has helped me. All this rain can get really depressing. I can hardly wait!


JennyMcB said...

Any sun yet? After the spring we had here in the Northeast last year, I can't imagine having rain all the time. Loved the pictures of the flowers! Mine are always the last to bloom, we seem to have snow the longest.

So tomorrow is Wednesday and one of the memes that they have to get people visiting other blogs is called wordless Wednesday- people post one picture and then visit others who post. This is a way to get traffic to your blog, plus you can look at others' photos.

Here is a link to a page that has links to others:

Here is a link to a page about memes :
It explains what a meme is and describes other daily memes.

Will you be moving to a place where you can get a job teaching? At 46, I just didn't have it in me to physically start a new job in a new school this year. My current job even though in a hospital lab is much less stressful, but I am using the skills from my teaching degree.

Here's hoping you see some sun this week! Thank for posting your pictures of flowers.

Paulie said...

I've clicked on the links you left me already. I read blogs from the links at your site. I just haven't been sure I wanted a lot of people to visit my site. Thanks for the info tho. Maybe one day. I read yours everyday even if I don't have anything to say.

I am moving to a one bedroom apartment if I can find one -- I have no job yet and only social security. That ain't much. That's why I have to move.

Why would you be in a new school if you had stayed in education? I never know whether to reply on my blog or to do it at yours.

The weatherman said sunshine Thursday only now. . . but he was wrong Monday so who knows. I moved here because I saw that precipitation was high -- in Idaho, that mean snow. sigh

JennyMcB said...

I know what you mean about where to reply. I did not want to stay where I was b/c same town where I live, did not like a lot of the philosophy of the school, it was HS sped and did not have support from younger teachers. Plus they had hired a woman to help with my caseload and she was numb. I was stressed last year at this time. Didn't want to stay there. Have a good day.