Monday, March 12, 2007

Daylight savings time . . .

This is the first time in my life since daylight savings time was begun that I have revolted against waking up in the dark. I did not like it this morning. . . there was no need for me to get up since I don't have a job anymore but I wanted to get out of bed when I woke up. . . it didn't happen.

It was so dark, I had no incentive to get up. I had planned to wake up and move some more boxes to storage --books I have packed up for my move. (I can't bear to give them all away just yet.) Instead, I went back to bed.

Finally, the sun came streaming into my room and woke me up again but I had lost half the day! I can't believe I had slept so long. Maybe I needed it. I hope I can stay up late tonight and keep working. March is one third over and there is so much to do yet. I guess instead of talking about it, I should get busy!

Today, my internet friend, Chloe is getting some help for her medical problems. . . I hope the doctors can help her so she can go back to work and drive and finish her hotel renovations. My thoughts and prayers go with her.

I better make use of this "extra daylight" to get much accomplished today. I wish I could just move stuff as I sort and clean to my new place but without a job, I don't even have a new place to look forward to moving to at the end of the month. I guess I better put that in God's hands too.

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