Saturday, March 03, 2007

Anonymous posting . . .

I have always felt that anonymous posters have something to hide. . . I have posted anonymously a few times. Only once was it necessary when I asked a very personal question that I needed help with and didn't want others to know it was my problem.

Recently some people posted anonymously --on a post I started -- in support of me. . . now that is an oxymoron if there ever was one. How can you be anonymous and be supporting someone? When a person needs support, they need to know who is supporting them. They say they don't want to get hurt again so they don't use their names.

I hate phrases for names. (I mean different ones for every post. . . heck, if they used the same phrase all the time, that would be acceptable.) I don't care if the name they use is theirs or not. After two months on the internet, ten years ago or so, I started using my real name because I had websites that were attributed to me and it was stupid to call myself something else and claim the website as mine.

I guess you have to choose one anonymous name and use it. Some argue that this is pointless because they refuse to be "hurt again" or "ignored again" or some other lame excuse. I guess I will use phrases too and see how others like it -- and only occasionally use my own name.

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