Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This and that and a few more squirrels too . . .

View looking towards Portland from across the Columbia River on the Vancouver side.

Good day for sailing!

View between the trees.

Closeup of the statue of Ilahee along the walking path parallel to the Columbia River.

Saw this little squirrel on the way to the bus stop on a Sunday morning.

Doesn't this fella look like its ready to attack?

This squirrel thought it was going to hide from me but I got it anyway. Squirrels blending into trees isn't too easy.

Next, it decided to hide in the corner of the bank building but I found it.

Closer view.

Guess it decided that I wasn't going to hurt it and it continued on its way.


Love Bears All Things said...

Hello Paulie,
We didn't have internet service in Hermann. I felt so out of touch. I'll catch up on blogging about it. Tomorrow I have to go back to the implant center for more work. Ugh!! May not feel like blogging for a day or two.
But I'm home!
Mama Bear

Tanya, the Super Mom said...

great pictures!!! especially the one of the squirrell!!!

and it's awsome to see portland/vancouver on the blogger!!!

Chloe said...

May I download the photos of your squirrels? I need a story starter for tomorrow and THESE ARE PERFECT. (Along with the one that was on the sidewalk).

I want them to tape the photos in any order and write a sentence that makes sense about the story they put together. This will take..oh...6 hours, but not all at one time.

I'll crop off any identifying marks (you know my guys).

I did the same thing with a series of sailboat photos I took. The stories I got? NONE of them had even the word sailboat in them!

Katney said...

Great squirrels, Paulie.

We will find some way to hike together next summer. I promise. I'll come let you show me your territory, and pick you up to go see mine.

Remember this in the spring when we can think about the summer calendar.

Paulie said...

Chloe, if you were to use my photos, DO NOT crop off the copyright name. There is a purpose in placing it there. Permission can be given for someone to use a copyrighted photo but not to alter it. Thanks for following the copyright laws.