Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tagged again . . .

tagged me to do this meme so here it is -- I guess you are supposed to tag others to do it but this time I will pass and let it die slowly here.

Three things you are wearing now?
glasses, nightie, smile

Three physical things about the opposite gender that appeals to you?
dark hair, height, smile

Three bad habits?
procrastinating about doing the dishes, always snacking while using computer, collecting everything because someday I might be able to use it for something

Three careers you're currently considering pursuing?
NONE . . . I’m officially retired but if I were choosing a career now I would make and sell greeting cards using my photographs, work in a children's department of a small town library, or write for a living / work for a children’s author

Three of your favorite hobbies?
writing, hiking, photography in no particular order as I enjoy each the same

Three places you want to go on vacation?
Germany, any place I can hke with others, the ocean/beach

Three kids name you like?
Cynthia, Andrew, and Colleen-- already named mine Todd Andrew, Shaun Michael and Heidi Ann

Three things you want to do before you die?
Well, lets see . . . I already walked the Portland Marathon so . . . have my house clean, give away anthing of value, live without serious illness for 20 more years

Three things that stereotypically prove you're a girl?
I gave birth to three kids

Initials of three crushes?
PB (Pat Boone when I was growing up. I was in love with him and his singing), ORANGE CRUSH ( (soda pop (brand name)! haha) )and DW -- I’ll never tell.

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Trinity said...

Halo Paulie... thank you for your quick respond! you wear your smile a lot...! Smile is one of my favorite thing from my hubby actually.. :-)

Hm... send my regards to DW.. *wink*