Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I can't sleep . . .

Got a lot on my plate. . . still not finished moving. Tired of moving. Worked all day Tuesday on my books. . . unpacking from many boxes and sorting genre's to put on the 5 bookshelves I have left. BIG job! Every bone in my body hurts.

I wish I could just sleep for a week but I can't. That's why I am here posting. Can't sleep. For a retired person, I sure am busy. I didn't even go downstairs to get my mail from the box today.

Going to storage tomorrow to see what I want to bring back . . . like I can fit anything else into my small apartment!!!!!!!!! I have one more piece of furniture I know I want to bring for sure and two file cabinets and two long trays with lights that I call my indoor garden center. I need to move he rest of my things from the small storage shed to the big one so I don't have to pay for two in October. Good thing there is a rummage sale at church in October and my storage is just 4 blocks from church! I have tried to think how I could save my large wooden file cabinet but there is no way it would fit here. I am sad because it is so nice, though very old. I am not its first owner.

I am also kinda sad because I have no room for my owl collection. I used to have my whole bedroom wall covered with owl hangings, two of which I made myself. The dresser top was full of owls too. I guess I will have to give most of it away. . . maybe I will put it on freecycle in case someone loves owls as much as I do, then the collection won't have to be split up. . .

Guess something good will come of all this sorting and downsizing. . . when I die, there won't be all that much for my family to sort.


Katney said...

My husband retired three years ago. He had the notion that he would get a part time job when he retired--doing something completely different than he did for 32 years.

Ha! He doesn't have time! You should see his daybook!

Good luck on finishing the move-in and divesting yourself of your excess. Sometimes I feel like I haven't finished moving--haven't finished unpacking. We have been here 32 years.

Chelle said...

Good luck with the unpacking, and with deciding what to let go of.

Incidentally, I might be interested in acquiring an owl or two from your collection. The cabin in the Adirondacks where we stay every summer is called Owl cabin. There are quite a few owls in it, and we try to add one or two each summer.

Jenny McB said...

Hi Paulie,
Just read all of your posts that I have missed this past week. The Bunco sounds like fun, your building sounds like a fun place to live.

About the downsizing, look at it this way, less to dust. Right?

Love Bears All Things said...

There is another one: I used to collect owls. The only ones I have left are a couple of minis and some ornaments.
I hate moving, too. Everytime I say I'm getting rid of more but more just keeps showing up. I am seriously considering selling some Hallmark collector ornaments.
Mama Bear