Thursday, September 06, 2007

Camera shy or ignoring me???? The rest of my walk at Salmon Creek. . .

This little bird was very photogenic but either shy or trying to give me a hard time. I kept hoping it would turn around but no luck. It's coloring was so pretty tho so I kept trying, hoping I could see it better. Maybe another time. . .

I found out what kind of bird it is:

Steller's Jay..
(Cyanocitta stelleri)
"Cool fact: Steller’s Jay has the most extensive range of any North American jay, from Alaska along the coast to central California, and through the Rocky Mountains and high mountain areas of Central America to Nicaragua."

Go here to read more about it. Steller's Jay

Think I will just tack on the rest of my journey to Salmon Creek Greenway here. The bird above was also found on my Salmon Creek walking adventure.

This is how I know it is my bus stop for this trail--I love the waterfall located so close to the freeway that goes over the road the bus travels on its way to the community of Salmon Creek.

You cross over the bridge here to enter the Klineline swimming hole, park and pathway.

This is the view from the entrance bridge looking east.

The view, looking west from the bridge entrance, is shown here.

Klineline Pond, now empty of its myriad of summer visitors, provides a simple beauty. They brag that it was once a place to pan for gold. Now it provides a cool spot for hot summer days or for a fisherman to try his luck.

Another view of Klineline Pond.

Yet a third view of the pond, still in the loneliness of the trees, just casting shadows.

The Klineline pond is quite extensive and has roped off swimming areas. During the summer there are lifeguards too.

This is the bridge that I crossed over to the dirt path where I cut my leg on the thorns that I talked about in the last post. It is to the east of the main pond.

This sign showed that the eastern trail ends because it meets with the freeway nearby. I love how our city has walking trails all over in spite of the many freeways and busy highways. Our city really cares about the walker/biker and healthy people.

You can see the I-5 Interstate near the trail.

I then headed back towards the swimming hole and that's when I hurt my leg. (see last post)

This is one of the fishing docks at Klineline Pond. I sat down here to stop the bleeding on my leg. Success and I was able to continue my trek.

Before I could find the ducks I was looking for at Klineline, I noticed these beautiful cattails. They were in a separate pond to the west of the main "swimming hole."

When I first spotted it, I thought it was just one. I was wrong as you can see by my next photo. . .

Almost looks like one duck is kissing the reflection of the other! I like how they swam opposite each other to create this photo for me! Ü It was like they were performing a dance for me. Off on my trek past the playground was next.

Isn't this playground equipment unusual? It definitely looks like something I would explore if I were a few years younger! It gives kids a chance to use their imaginations while exploring and playing in a beautiful setting.

This tree near the children's playground is definitely in a fall mode.

This is an example of the paved path I walked on during this journey along Salmon Creek Walkway. There used to be many trails in use up here for horse riding and some still exist parallel to the Salmon Creek Greenway.

One of the flowers I spotted near the baseball fields.

And another one of the same type but a different color.

There are lots of open grassy areas along the pathway. They are just as beautiful as the flowers and trees.

Another meadow's simple beauty.

And yet another. ..

Salmon Creek which runs adjacent to the trail provided me with some picturesque scenes.

Another view. . . The beauty of Salmon Creek was refreshing to me and to the eyes of the many hikers I met all along the trail.

More . . .

Another view.

No wonder I enjoy walking this trail!

Trees sometimes framed the beauty in the distance.

I like how this limb was framed by the blue sky -- all the clouds had traveled east and a very cloudy day turned into a most glorious day to go for a walk!

I even found beauty in this weed arrangement.

This shows morewildflower/weeds gone to seed.

Saw this plant when the trail was coming to an end.

All along the trail are boulders that might provide a seating area for a weary traveler or just an interesting artifact -- that is what this one was to me. I liked the many sides chipped into its exterior and wonder how they got there? That might be the rockhound in me thinking. . .

You might wonder why I took this photo? Well, remember on my last trip on this trail I got lost . . . well there it is right before me. . . a divided trail that goes to the left and the right. The left one leads to a farm house and the right one continues the trail. I don't think I will ever forget that again. At least I hope not. It would surely help new walkers to this extension of the trail to have a sign that the Salmon Creek trail continues by going right!!!!!!!


Yolanda said...

Do you live in Vancouver? I just wondered with the reference to Salmon Creek? I enjoyed the photos a lot. How did you create your header? Do you mind telling me I want one for my blog since I switched to blogger beta.I am a digital photography, mystery nut too.

farmingfriends said...

I enjoyed looking at your photos. The scenery is stunning. Sara from farmingfriends

Jenny McB said...

What kind of bird was that in the first two pictures? The colors are stunning.

I tagged you again, optional of course.

How do you get your name in your pictures?

Donetta said...

Thank you for the morning walk in the woods. I enjoyed your visit. I thought that I had posted the photo , music post thank for the heads up.

Bengbeng said...

last time i always came to see the photohunters thingy n left. what a pity. u have such great stuff here. this is a great post too.