Sunday, September 09, 2007

Saturday Farmers Market

I love living downtown now! I am just a short walk (little over a mile) from the Farmer's Market which is open on Saturday and Sundays. Actually, I live "uptown" and the market is "downtown."

When I have time, I go there to look around. Actually last week, besides my zucchini that I buy there, I bought a Coleus plant and a trellis for my Hawaiian Schefflera. I still have some zucchini so I didn't really need more yet -- it's just a habit to stop by nowadays. But I couldn't leave it at that.

I had to buy a half pound of fresh peas . . . I love eating raw peas from the shell! When I lived in upstate New York, I had a huge garden and planted rows of peas which we ate every single one RAW, usually while sitting on the swing set with the kids. I think it is a sin to cook peas! Ahhhhhhhh, memories!

Well, after I got the peas, I decided to take a chance on some ripe tomatoes. . . not the organic ones but just ones grown in a garden and picked when ripe, unlike those in the store that have no flavor. I actually found three Beefstake tomatoes and have eaten half of them already -- only one day later! I would have eaten them all in one sitting but decided to have some manners and not show my "pig" side.

Nothing better to eat than fried zucchini and home grown sliced tomatoes. I have to admit that I was too lazy to fry some zucchini tonight tho so will have to remedy that tomorrow when I finish off those tomatoes.

I love tomato and cucumber salad with a tad of Miracle Whip and light salt. That's about the only time you will see me using any "salad dressing." I also bought one cucumber at the Farmers Market. Ü

My shopping spree at the Farmer's Market included one more item. . . a peach that weighed a half a pound!!!!!!!!! They had free samples and I pigged out on them while walking around the Market. . . Ü The minute I got home, I washed it and sat down with a knife to slice and enjoy. . .pure heaven! It was so sweet and ripened perfectly. I think I will check them out next week too. It brought back memories of my childhood and canning peaches. . . always loved the smell of blanched peaches, pulling the skins off that fragrant fruit and slicing them for cartons that we froze. There is nothing better than home canned frozen peaches on a cold winter morning with breakfast. Thanks for the memories, Mom!

Let's see. . . how many days is it until I can visit the Saturday Farmers market again? Me and my appetite can hardly wait!


RUTH said...

I enjoy buying from our market; the tomatoes are actually ripe and red unlike some of the ones from the Supermarket. I too have memories of fresh peas; as I child I would help my great aunt pick and shell hers...they were so sweet raw and I would skin the shells too and eat those :o)

Love Bears All Things said...

Sounds like fun visiting every week. I had lunch with a friend today and brought back okra, tomatoes and squash. Yumm!!!