Wednesday, September 19, 2007

BUNCO and . . . my new Coleus plant

Well, I am really getting into social activities here in this building! lol Yahtzee last week and now Bunco last night. . .

I remember playing BUNCO with other Navy wives many, many years ago but had no idea how to play it anymore. I decided to join the group. It was kinda fun but no real time for socializing as the games were fast and furious.

We played 15 games. Partners constantly changed. Loser partners had to keep changing tables. I won 8 and lost 10 so didn't win any of the money for most games won. Oh yeah, we each paid a dollar to play. The good news is that I had 3 BUNCO's and got $2.00 for that! It would have been $4.00 but another lady also had 3 BUNCO's also and we had to"share the pot." I had no idea that there was prize money for these things so it was a nice surprise. Heck! It was a nice surprise just to be a winner of something! I almost didn't go because money is tight presently but I dug into my coin can and found 50 pennies and 5 dimes. Ü Another thing . . . the person who lost the most games also got a small amount of money!

It was fun and the only disappointment I had last night was when they decided to close the window drapes because the setting sun was too bright! Heck, that is one reason I went . . . because the 9th floor recreation room has a "west window" where you can see beautiful sunsets over the Columbia River!

When I bought the plant at the Farmers Market, it did not have any blossoms. I never heard of Coleus blooming like that!

This is the whole plant and below that is a close up. I haven't even had a chance to transfer it to a ncie pot! Got to remember to buy potting soil.


Love Bears All Things said...

Once the bloom starts to go, clip it off and the Coleus will put out another shoot(sp). I do this in the summer.
I'm glad you won your money back plus a dollar. I know you're glad you went. Phooey about the drapes. Not everyone loves the outdoors like we do. All my windows on the back of the house are uncovered so the light comes in and I can see green. Something is always blooming out there. Right now it is a kid of Clematis with small white flowers. I'll have to make a photo of it.
Mama Bear

framboisine said...

heloo from France, Flowers for ever and from all countries, there are identic! Friendly Françoise