Saturday, September 08, 2007

My 5 Best Nights Meme

My friend over at Jen has tagged me with this meme. I am not sure I can do it but will try. I have decided not to tag anyone for it. . . so this is the end of the line for it here. Ü

The rules:
list the 5 best nights that you can recall
and then tag four other people
and see if the meme can continue.

I am going to change the word "night" to days. . .and in no particular order:

The 5 Best Days In My Life:

1. My graduation from college at 40 years of age.

2. The births of my three children. (Cheating a bit here lumping them all as one.)

3. The day I bought my first APPLE computer, paying cash for it -- took me 7 months to save from paychecks in my first year of teaching.

4. Going rock hunting with my Dad as a kid.

5. The day my Mom gave me money to buy new eye glasses so I could see again and continue to attend college when I was a single parent with three kids in elementary school and very poor.

Ok, that's it with apologies to jenny for not continuing it by tagging others.

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Jenny McB said...

Ha, a teacher cheating...
Thanks for joining in.

What internet browser do you use? I do have J's Thoughts and Musings showing on Firefox. Although on my archive pages, it's a different color.