Monday, September 10, 2007

Indian Summer . . .

It is hot today -- for September. . . 97 in this neck of the woods is considered hot. I am so grateful that I live in an apartment building on the 8th floor because I get the breeze of that giant tree outside my window. The long, sleek branches are swaying in the gentle breeze of this otherwise unbearably hot day. Just seeing the motion of those "evergreen fans" cools me off. I thank God for this special huge tree -- that stands above all the rest for miles and miles --and is there for my enjoyment each time my eyes focus on the world outside my window Many times, it is the small things that I need to be so thankful for, especially today.

In a way, the heat is a blessing to me today because it is forcing me to stay indoors and I can get more of my "settlin' in" accomplished. Then I reward myself with some computer time! I've been checking out some of my favorite sites of bloggers that participate in PHOTO HUNTERS. There are some real special people that I may never meet in person but can enjoy getting to know them through their writings and in return, let them know what a blessing they are to me.

Blogging is sorta like having a pen pal. . . I had 40 of them as a kid growing up. The best part about blogging is you don't have to wait three days for the mail to arrive!


Katney said...

Oh, goodness, Paulie, we have more in common that we thought. I don't even remember the count of how many penpals I had--but if it wasn't more than your 40, it was pretty close.

Love Bears All Things said...

I feel the same way about bloggers. I love reading about the different areas of the country and the things they do. I guess my favorites are those who love nature as much as I do and share photos. And then there is the special bond of our Christian family, who would have thought we would have been witnessing for Him on a computer, I am still in awe of His power and majesty. It is all from Him if we just use it the right way.
Mama Bear