Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Waiting. . .

Waking up early, I waited for the sun to greet me this morning. It got light but the cloud cover was so thick I barely noticed the sun making its early morning appearance. The weatherman said it would only get to the 70's today but the brief threat of rain that some experienced yesterday was supposed to be gone. I hoped so as I had planned to go on a walk today. (see note below)

Anyway, fooling around on different sites that I had saved, I discovered this little challenge to keep my mind occupied for a few minutes at least. lol

So here's the results:
Your Birthdate: January 12

You're a dynamic, charismatic person who's possibly headed for fame.
I wonder if I went down the wrong road when I was heading out?

You tend to charm strangers easily. And you usually can get what you want from them.
This is definitely not me -- maybe they were thinking of my twin??????

Verbally talented, you tend to persuade people with your speaking and writing.
I am not so sue about verbal skills but I do like to write.

You are affectionate and loving, but it's hard for you to commit to any one relationship.
Well, the first part is correct . . . but not so sure about the second. On the other hand, maybe that's why I remain single after ten years of marriage and three kids who are all grown now.

Your strength: Your charm
I know they definitely got this one wrong.

Your weakness: Your extreme manipulation tactics
Two in a row wrong! This shy lady "manipulating" anything/anyone? Impossible!

Your power color: Indigo
Well, blue is a close shade of indigo . . . so not too far off. Then again, "when I am old, I shall wear purple. . . "

Your power symbol: Four leaf clover
Well, since I am not superstitious, i have no need for a 4 leaf clover but had it been a three leaf one, I would say, "YES, that represents the triune God I believe in and that's definitely me!"

Your power month: December

Now, that I can connect to. December brings Christmas celebrations around the world and many of us put up Christmas trees to celebrate. I keep mine up all year long. In fact, it was the main focus when I arranged my small living room in my new "home" last month. I could hardly wait to find it in my storage!

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Well, I got to Klineline Pond and before I even walked around it, I injured my leg on a branch of Himalaya Blackberry bushes that had been cut and strewn carelessly on the trail path. . . of course,, taking photos while walking doesn't help to not get entangled in these things. I almost wasn't going to finish my walk but I got the bleeding stopped finally and trudged on, knowing it was going to be a beautiful day for a walk on the Salmon Creek Trail that began where Klineline Pond ended. More pictures coming tomorrow. Tonight I am going to baby my cut on leg. Ü

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Jenny McB said...

Loved your commentary with your birthdate analysis!

Hey your leg looks like mine used to after vacation in Nova Scotia. My dad would shoot off rockets and we would have to find them in the bushes.

I have been working on paperwork for my son's football team and playing cards on line. Can you tell that I go in spurts when blogging?