Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Weeds or wildflowers. . .

Growing up as a Girl Scout, i remember studying outdoors about wildflowers but i only remember two of them and those were Indian Paint Brush and Bluebells. Presently, i don't think i could readily identify either but i would say, "Oh, i knew that!" if someone were to tell me what wildflower it was when naming the two above.

Having a digital camera, i take lots of photos and therefore i have taken a number of them of weeds and wildflowers. In fact, i picked some of these last Sunday and hauled them home to put in my clear wide vase that has dried rose petals in the bottom.

The rest of the wildflower/weed photos below are just neat memories of my recent walking journeys.


Anonymous said...

You have a Texas bluebonnet among your wildflowers! Do you call the seed puff of the dandelions
"wishes"? We blow them away and make our wishes. Of course, now I try to encourage the gathering of pretty dandelion bouquets so that I won't have too many more popping up in my yard. Joan 'Just Texas'

Paulie said...

So, that's what the blue ones are called! They are a long way from home!!!!!!!!

Never heard of wishes. . . YOU are too funny regarding dandelion bouquets.

Jenny McB said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I guess I would consider any weed that's a flower beautiful, especially if they aren't in my garden taking over!

lowdawgs said...

That shot of the cactus flower (?) through the fence has beautiful composition. It is interesting to look at.

The others are exquisite as usual, but that one stands out because of the fence wire you were able to capture.

Good thinking!