Friday, July 13, 2007

Talking about favorite summer foods. . .

My blogging friend, jennyMCB listed her 13 favorite summer foods on her blog this week. I thought to myself, "Now where is the fried zucchini?" Can you believe it? She didn't even mention it!!!!!!!!!

I could live on fried zucchini IF I could find some bigger ones to use. The Farmers Market sometimes get a fat one or two and I manage to find them. Some years, I plant zucchini in my flower bed but this year, I knew I was moving and couldn't bear to leave my hard work behind for others to enjoy. Thus, I wait for some garden enthusiast or farmer to bring in one or two to sell that "got away from them." Usually, i get a bargain paying just a dollar apiece. . .

You see, I slice them in order to make my fried zucchini. The tiny ones may taste good in a salad but they take so much longer to cook! Thus, a 3 inch in diameter squash is just perfect!

This is how I prepare them:

Gather one or two (3 inch in diameter) zucchini from your garden or local Farmers Market, peel and slice in about 1/8 inch sections. Salt each slice and let them sit until they 'perspire.' Pour some flour on a plate and beat two or three eggs in a shallow bowl --you can add a little milk to the egg wash but not necessary. Get your large frying pan -- i use an electric skillet -- hot at 350 degrees. i like to use Crisco to fry the zucchini.

Okay, now take some of those perspiring slices of zucchini and dredge in flour and then dunk in the egg wash, transferring them to the hot frying pan with the Crisco sizzling. By time as you have filled the pan doing this, the first ones in will be ready to be turned. you will want to use a fork so you can "test the doneness" as you "stab" each one. Ü Allow to brown on the 2nd side and after another fork stab, most will be done. you want the fork to go in easily so they are cooked well. Take out and place on a new plate that has been covered with a paper towel. Place a new paper towel between each layer of zucchini so the grease will drain. THAT IS, if you haven't eaten all that layer before you put another one on the plate! if you do, you will have to change the paper towel anyway because it has absorbed the excess Crisco.

Continue the above directions until (1) all are cooked, (2) you are full, (3) you can recruit someone else to fry them while you eat. Now remember that last option means you will have to share them so think carefully before choosing it!


Kim said...

I am SO glad you posted how to make fried zucs. A friend and I were just discussing this at work a couple days ago. My ex-hubby's granma made GREAT fried zucs but I had no idea how to make them for sure. I have been craving them lately so your post had perfect timing!

Jenny McB said...

These sound too good! I will keep this in mind when my brother in law's garden starts producing.

I have made a chocolate cake with Zucchini and zucchini squares. I guess some either love or hate them.

thanks for the directions.